Angry Birds | Holy Shit Sketch | Hollywood Redux |  Short Film

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Angry Birds | Holy Shit Sketch | Hollywood Redux |  Short

The Hollywood Redux Holy Shit sketch series returns with Angry Birds. In Angry Birds, a well-heeled gentleman is enjoying a nice, stress-free day which takes a turn when Nature has other plans. Taking a book and snack to Griffith Park, the Man (Dan O’Brien) finally gets a moment to himself after a long week. Unfortunately for him, the birds in the tree above him have sinister plans to make sure he doesn’t get to relax.

The Birds rain down an assault of bird poop preventing the man from enjoying his snack, let alone his favorite book until the Man has had enough and decides to fight back. Screaming and throwing rocks at the birds, the Man learns quickly that he stands no chance against Mother Nature. Eventually making contact with his enemy in the tree, the Man gets a lesson in Karma and the birds retaliate, taking his peaceful day and turning it into a living nightmare.

Watch the full video below now!

The sketch features Dan O’Brien and was written and directed by Matthew Bolton, of the Hollywood Redux crew. Special effect bird poop provided by Jergens. It was filmed on location in Los Angeles, CA.

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Holy Shit returns in one month with a new episode and onward throughout the summer.

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Thank you for watching. Let us know in the comments below if Nature has ever rudely accosted you on a perfectly nice day.

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