Angry Birds | Holy Shit Sketch

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Angry Birds | Holy Shit Sketch

Sketch show, Holy Shit, returns with a new monthly installment! Holy Shit is a sketch series that tells short stories that ultimately end with someone making the titular exclamation.

In this episode, a well-heeled gentlemen is enjoying a nice, stress-free day which takes a turn when Nature has other plans. We’ve all been there: sometimes Nature poops on you then hits you in the face.

Watch the full video below!

The sketch features Dan O’Brien and was written and directed by the Hollywood Redux video crew. Special effect bird poop provided by Jergens. It was filmed on location in Los Angeles, CA.

Holy Shit returns in one month with a new episode and onward throughout the summer.

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Thank you for watching. Let us know in the comments below if Nature has ever rudely accosted you on a perfectly nice day.

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