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Holt Shit Sketch Driving

Driving | Holy Shit | Short Sketch Series | Hollywood Redux

In a NEW episode of short sketch series, Holy Shit, entitled, “Driving,” two guys out for a leisurely drive find death coming right for them until someone exclaims the titular phrase.

Watch for oncoming vehicles:

While out doing a camera test for a future short  in the dusty SoCal desert, writer/director Matthew Bolton was inspired to shoot this Holy Shit moment. He also drives both cars, acts, and he engineered the shot which made it appear as if the cars are driving right at each other, almost crashing using both practical and visual effects.

Matt is joined by HR Podcast host Michael Hesser bebopping and shrieking alongside him on screen. This episode was shot by Katie Moeller (see her Holy Shit episode, Final Form, podcast The K Files, or short films Becoming and Impactus). Additional production support from the entire Hollywood Redux crew including camera department Kryzzalia Lopez (HR Podcast, The K Files, Impactus) and Byron Lopez. Luke Casey held down the Art Department as always, and the graphic art was created as usual by Kryzzalia. We edited footage in Premiere Pro, and shot on a Canon 5D, and a GoPro Hero5.

Filmed entirely on location in Palmdale Рthank you to the city for its support. Find out more about filming in beautiful Palmdale at the FilmLA website, here. 

The vehicles in the short are a Dodge Challenger and a Kia Soul. For more information check out their consumer pages, Dodge and Kia, and Wikipedia.

Holy Shit! is a monthly short series featuring a sequence of events strange enough to make you (and usually someone in the video) exclaim the titular phrase. Watch more episodes of Holy Shit! at the series page here.

Holy Shit

Sketch series, Holy SHIT features one short story per episode plus something mildly amusing.
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