Final Form | Holy Shit | Sketch Series by Hollywood Redux

Final Form | Holy Shit | Sketch Series by Hollywood Redux

In honor of VR Month (#HRVR), Holy Shit is getting surreal. Hollywood Redux brings you a new installment of the monthly sketch series titled: Final Form. In this episode, a group of five friends recline in a serene park setting and, approaching the end of their Sunday picnic, recount the things they dread going back to on Monday, until one member of their party turns mystical.

Final Form was written and directed by Katie Moeller; it is her first attempt at comedy. Watch her previous short film here and check out her weekly X Files video podcast The K Files. The short was filmed on location in Los Angeles, California on the Canon 5D, and was edited in Premiere Pro.

Thank you to the cast and crew for their time, energy, and talents! See more info below:

Carla: Felix Fang
Sally: Katie Mary Garland
Sven: Dan O’Brien
Dave: Derrick Scott
Missy: Katie Koster

Writer and director: Kathryn D. Moeller
DP, Editorial, all around life saver: Matthew Bolton
Producer: Desiree Rosen Wise
Sound Designer: Michael Hesser
Art Designer/Producer: Kryzzalia Lopez
Camera Assistant: Byron Lopez
Art Department: Luke Casey

And special thanks to Derek Switaj for providing crucial, day saving efforts!

Holy Shit returns with new episodes monthly. In the meantime, VR Month continues! Use #HRVR to send us material to feature on IGL Podcast, plus check out our VR gameplays and episodes. The Writers’ Room returns Monday with a very special report on special 30th anniversary screening of [Bowie] Labyrinth, so subscribe to us on Youtube for all the updates.



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