May the Fourth | Holy Shit | Short Sketch Series | Hollywood Redux

 Holy Shit May The Fourth Be With You

May the Fourth | Holy Shit | Short Sketch Series | Hollywood Redux

In a NEW episode of short sketch series, Holy Shit, entitled, “May the Fourth,” the Hollywood Redux crew celebrates Star Wars Day with an epic battle on the planet where Jedi go to die, Mustafar.

Watch now – Order 66 engaged:

This episode of Holy Shit! was written by the HR team and directed by Matthew Bolton, May the Fourth stars Katrina Kemp, Luke Casey, Kathryn D Moeller (The K-Files/Hollywood Redux Podcast), Kryzzalia Lopez (Hollywood Redux/The K-Files Podcast), Matthew Bolton (Hollywood Redux Podcast) and Michael Hesser (Hollywood Redux Podcast).

In an attempt to think of a new Holy Shit! sketch for May, the Hollywood Redux team combs through the best ideas and salsa dances through lightspeed and settles with an idea from a galaxy far, far away. The lightsaber stare off on Mustafar scene was created was created in After Effects by placing Matthew and Luke against a green screen, one at a time, and inserting the volcanic planet of Mustafar with special thanks VideoCopilot’s Andrew Kramer.

Additional production support from the entire Hollywood Redux crew including camera department Kryzzalia Lopez. Luke Casey held down the Art Department as always building his own custom lightsaber just as Matt developed his own as well. The graphic art was created as usual by Kryzzalia. We edited footage in Premiere Pro, and shot on a Canon 5D.

Filmed entirely on location in Valley Village – thank you to the city for its support.

Holy Shit! is a monthly short series featuring a sequence of events strange enough to make you (and usually someone in the video) exclaim the titular phrase. Watch more episodes of Holy Shit! at the series page.

Holy Shit

Holy SHIT features one short, sketch-style story per episode plus something mildly amusing…
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