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'Batman' Director Matt Reeves Has Dropped Ben Affleck's Script

Breaking: ‘Batman’ Director Matt Reeves Has Dropped Ben Affleck’s Script

The ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ director is “starting again” and promised a “new story.”

Matt Reeves is revealing more from his plans for his take on The Dark Knight.

The filmmaker, who stepped into replacing star Ben Affleck as the director on the project, recently revealed on MTV’s Happy Sad Confused podcast that he scrapped the earlier script. Affleck, Chris Terrio, and DC’s Geoff Johns had worked on scripting duties.

When asked if he would be working with Affleck’s script, Reeves said, “No, it’s a new story. It’s just starting again. I’m excited about it. I think it’s going to be really cool.”

Reeves, whose War for the Planet of the Apes hits theaters this weekend, has previously said that Affleck will remain as the Dark Knight in the upcoming film and that he is planning a noir-take on the character. In the original script, Deadstroke was the villain, with Joe Manganiello cast. (Reeves did not say if he plans on using Deathstroke in his script.)

Affleck is set to appear at San Diego Comic-Con next week during Warner Bros.’ Hal H panel, which will feature his Justice League co-stars. He’ll don the cape and cowl for the superhero team up, out in theaters Nov. 7.



About ‘The Batman’

In October 2014, Warner Bros. announced that a Batman standalone film was in development, with Affleck set to reprise the role. By July 2015, Affleck was in negotiations to also produce, direct and co-write the screenplay with Geoff Johns. In March 2016, William Morris Endeavor’s co-CEO Patrick Whitesell stated that Affleck had written a screenplay for a Batman film. In April, Warner Bros. confirmed that Affleck would direct the film. In May, Jeremy Irons confirmed that he was “tied into The Batman”, while Affleck stated that the film would borrow from the comics, but mainly be an “original story”.[150] In August, Affleck teased Deathstroke on social media through test footage. Geoff Johns later revealed that the character will be played by Joe Manganiello. In October, Affleck stated the intended title for the film was The Batman, adding “At least that’s what we’re going with now. I might change it.” In December, Affleck confirmed that the film was on track to begin shooting in Q1/Q2 2017. Later that month, Warner Bros. executive Greg Silverman stated that the film would be released in 2018. In January 2017, in an interview with The Guardian, Affleck stated that the film does not have a set script, and that he will only direct it if he feels like it will be a great movie. Later that month, Affleck stepped down as director in order to more efficiently focus on starring as the titular role. He will continue to serve as writer, producer, and star of the film. Upon Affleck’s announcement, it was noted by Deadline that Chris Terrio had turned in a rewrite of the original script by Affleck and Johns. In February, Warner Bros. announced the title as The Batman and that Matt Reeves would direct and co-produce the film.[158] In June, Reeves stated that the movie will focus on the detective side of the character, with a noir style that emphasizes seeing into Batman’s mind and heart for the story.


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Breaking: ‘Batman’ Director Matt Reeves Has Dropped Ben Affleck’s Script
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