The Day the World Went Away 100th Episode Diagnostic | The Machine Age | Person of Interest Season 5


The Day the World Went Away 100th Episode Diagnostic | The Machine Age | Person of Interest Season 5

We’re having a hell of a time keeping up with this breakneck season of Person of Interest and the show’s 100th episode, just four episodes out from the series finale, was appropriately intense and heartbreaking. It felt like the true beginning of the end.

Reese's 100th Kneecap

Reese’s 100th Kneecap

This season more than any other has demonstrated how grim the chances of defeating Samaritan are, and tonight, with the death of SPOILERS FROM HERE ON OUT our beloved Root, now we’re playing for keeps. The whole world goes away, and now we wait to see what will spring up in its wake and if our Team can curb Samaritan’s grab for power.

Root’s death was at least in service of protecting Finch. The reveal of her dead body was sudden and jarring (not unlike the reveal of Buffy’s mother’s death in seminal Buffy episode The Body) and here’s hoping next week get some kind of catharsis or acknowledgement on the show of the weight of that loss. We have four more episodes, I keep reminding myself.

What momentarily smarts is that Root died without getting to be with Shaw the way she wanted. We did get a few really glorious moments – like their last machine gun stand. For these two perhaps that is a consummation of a sort. Similarly, Root sweetly seemed to have perceived that the way to Shaw’s heart was through her guts; flirting with her during high octane situations. Shaw did seem to be opening up. That was real for Shaw and she’ll carry that with her to the end.

poi - root claims what is hers

As to Root’s ultimate end as the voice of the Machine is perfect – The Machine chose her mother’s voice. This story point felt as if Root was always meant to be part of the Machine.

The rest of the team receives the news in impactful ways: Fusco’s sad reveal, Shaw’s response to seeing Reese’s almost imperceptible head shake), plus great music choices, including the titular Nine Inch Nails song. Harold’s story is ramping up as well – he made one mistake revisiting a place he once took Grace (reference to SNAFU when he was falsely seeing her in the surveillance of the Machine), and now his friend is dead.

We must also mention the passing of another well loved character, Elias. His death was also surprising and violent, in the face of all of his warm and fuzzies with Finch recently.

Not to mention there’s a ton of action in the episode as well (fitting for a bonanza 100th). Welcome Fusco, now an official knowing member of the team – about time. And the team really took it to Samaritan for the first time with a veritable cornucopia of weapons including usual guns, grenades, Gatling guns (!!!), Root sniping, going out like the gangster that she was and is in Netflix heaven.

It’s a tough pill to swallow, but the series is ending, and these characters are going out, one way or the other. At least our girl went down a basilisk eye through the sniper sight, an avenging Valkyrie. And lives on for the rest of the season as the Machine’s dulcet tones. Amy Acker’s not leaving, okay. Hold me.

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The Day the World Went Away 100th Episode Diagnostic | The Machine Age | Person of Interest Season 5

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