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The Academy Awards 2016 | Redux Reviews | The Oscars

The ratings hit a seven year low for the broadcast of The 2016 Academy Awards, hosted by Chris Rock. The low viewership reflects a continued disinterest by the general public toward the ceremony – the movies which won the bulk of the awards were massively less popular than big money makers like Jurassic World and Star Wars this year.

This gap between the movies people like and the movies that win awards has never been wider, plus this year, the award ceremony added the burden of sending important messages about inequality in the industry to its purview.  Host, Chris Rock gave us an opening monologue calling out the Academy on the lack of racial diversity, VP Biden spoke about sexual violence, etc. The awards show itself wasn’t the only one – even Leonardo DiCaprio used his first Oscar win to discuss global warming:

The downside of so much speaking out in service of causes is that we are nurturing a flawed view of movies as a means to an end instead of art. Stanley Kubrick said, “Be an artist, not a moralist,” but the focus at The Oscars was on the message first, instead of the medium. Indeed, the most entertaining portion of the night was the hour in which Mad Max: Fury Road won all  the technical categories and brought actual, grateful artists to the stage to speak about the power of collaboration.

Still, there were a few upsets that sped up the lengthy broadcast and also redirected our attention back to the movies. Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies) beat Sylvester Stallone (Creed) for best supporting actor, a stunning victory that cost Stallone what might have been his last chance to win an Oscar. The smaller indie sci-fi horror story Ex Machina beat Mad Max and Star Wars: The Force Awakens for Best Visual Effects. And to the delight of everyone who spent months bemoaning The Revenant’s seemingly unstoppable march to Oscar glory, Spotlight took home the best picture trophy in a win for good journalism.

oscars spotlight
There was some irreverence to enjoy. Sarah Silverman joked about her “heavy Jewish boobs” and boning James “not a grower or a shower” Bond. Jared Leto did a bit about merkins (and encouraged all to Google). One of the best bits was Rock selling Girl Scout cookies to the audience on behalf of his two daughters – which inadvertently produced the spectacle of wealthy Hollywood people waving wads of cash in the air. He raised over $60,000.

oscars chris backstage

Host Chris Rock backstage

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The Academy Awards 2016 | Redux Reviews | The Oscars

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