Stephen King’s It: Movie Likely to Shoot Late 2016, Targets R Rating

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Stephen King’s It: Movie Likely to Shoot Late 2016, Targets R Rating

Stephen King’s many-paged, well-loved tome depicting the two times a human life must die to its former self, has been waiting for a film adaptation for a long time. After the TV miniseries in 1990, most remembered for Tim Curry’s performance as the story’s antagonist, Pennywise, there have been no other attempts to adapt the massive story, until the Cary Fukunaga project popped up at Warner Bros recently.

Fukunaga left the project while still in pre-production and there was a brief time where the adaption seemed to have been shelved. Dismayed by the development, Hollywood Redux created a fan trailer, featured above, to build interest in the project and show how much a new adaptation of the story was desired by fans.

Then, Warner Bros brought on director Andy Muscietti to helm the project and get the movie back on track. Now, a producer on the project, Roy Lee, has said the intention for the film adaptation of Stephen King’s It is to go into production this year and is still envisioned by the director as a two movie telling of the story. Muscietti is writing the script now and the film will have a solid R rating.

Check out our fan trailer and comment below if you’re hungry for a new IT film, too!


Stephen King’s It: Movie Likely to Shoot Late 2016, Targets R Rating

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  1. Kirsten Sternenberg Kaminer

    PLEASE!!!! IT 2016 puts a mega sadistic smile on my face!!! I would love to be even more scared of this twisted clown!

  2. DON’T CHANGE THE OUTFIT!!!! KEEP THE ORIGINAL PENNY WISE OUTFIT!!!! every time people do remake classic movies they never use at least one thing from the original!!!! Please don’t change penny wise the dancing clown I swear I will not see this movie if you change pennywise completely

  3. Loved loved loved the book!…and can’t wait to see the film. Looking forward to “IT” being just as creepy and scary.

  4. This gave me the jeepers creepers!!!!!

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