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Hollywood Redux hosts five podcasts:

The Hollywood Redux Podcast offers behind the scenes stories from our sets and musings on current entertainment culture in a lively discussion with four working professionals.

7927WEAPON UNLOCKED: Legend tells of a secret weapon buried deep within the catacombs of the Hollywood Redux vault: the INFINITE GRENADE LAUNCHER. Join Justin, AJ, and Kyle, three gamers with every life to lose, as they embark on a co-op campaign to relive their childhood via handheld controllers. Join them monthly for game reviews, retrospectives, online hijinks, and more.

7948Have you ever called yourself a Phile? Did you hardcore ship MSR, or curse CSM for his constant malfeasance? If so, The K-Files is your cup of Alien Bounty Hunter green blood.

Katie Moeller carves deep, plam-shaped X-Files cuts with cohost Kryzzalia Lopez on all things spooky: behind the scenes tidbits from the original run and the upcoming miniseries, musings on the legacy of the X, and a symbolic reading of the show as a rich, mythological story for our culture.

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