A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973) Charles M. Schulz | The Saturday Doobie Feature Episode 228 | Movies and Marijuana

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973) Charles M. Schulz | The Saturday Doobie Feature Episode 228 | Movies and Marijuana

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973) Charles M. Schulz | The Saturday Doobie Feature Episode 228 | Movies and Marijuana

Justin, Derrick, & Byron join the Peanuts gang for Thanksgiving dinner for an all-new Doobie Feature episode reviewing A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

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About the Movie

Plot (Spoilers):
Charlie Brown and Sally are preparing to go to their grandmother’s for Thanksgiving dinner when Charlie Brown gets a phone call from Peppermint Patty, who invites herself over to Charlie Brown’s house for the holiday dinner. Two quick subsequent phone calls from Peppermint Patty add Marcie and Franklin to the guest list, but since Charlie Brown cannot get a word in edgewise with Patty, he quickly finds himself in a quandary with no easy solution, at least not until Linus shows up. Linus suggests to Charlie Brown that he could have two Thanksgiving dinners, the first one for Patty and her friends and then the second one at his grandmother’s house. Charlie Brown says he cannot make a Thanksgiving dinner. He says that all he knows how to make is “cold cereal and maybe toast”. Regardless, Linus recruits Snoopy and Woodstock to help.

The guests arrive and make their way to the backyard for the Thanksgiving feast. Linus leads the group in prayer that details the First Thanksgiving in 1621, and then Snoopy serves up the feast which includes buttered toast, pretzel sticks, popcorn, jelly beans, and an ice cream sundae. Patty’s initial shock at the unconventional meal quickly turns to outrage, and when she loudly berates Charlie Brown he timidly leaves the table. Patty’s tirade continues until Marcie quietly reminds her that she had invited herself along with Marcie and Franklin. Coming to her senses, Patty asks Marcie apologize to Charlie Brown on her behalf; Marcie reluctantly agrees, but Patty soon follows and apologizes to him herself.

During the quasi-feast Charlie Brown is reminded that he and Sally are due at their grandmother’s house for dinner and will now be a little late, so he calls her and explains his situation. When he mentions his friends are there, and that they have not yet eaten, his grandmother invites them all to Thanksgiving dinner, which is welcomed with cheers from everyone.

After the kids leave, Snoopy and Woodstock go to the doghouse and cook up their own traditional Thanksgiving meal that includes a turkey, complete with all the trimmings. Over the end credits, the two friends each devour dessert (a large piece of pumpkin pie) then sit back with contented smiles as Woodstock pats his full stomach.

Sourced: Wikipedia, allbud.com

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A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973) Charles M. Schulz | The Saturday Doobie Feature Episode 228 | Movies and Marijuana


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