Episode 010 – Tabletop | Elseware Presents: Sonic the Podcast

Episode 010 - Tabletop | Elseware Presents: Sonic the Podcast

Episode 010 – Tabletop | Elseware Presents: Sonic the Podcast

Episode Ten – Griff rolls dice with his eclectic friends and family.

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Chapter 8:
“There’s an entire book of rules, right? Rules are important! You can’t have that many rules and say you don’t win! Monopoly has one little booklet, and you can win that!” – Dillon McCarthy, Copyright Lawyer

70s RPG Sonic the Hedgehog Podcast

Below are excerpts from the long out of print 1970s Sonic tabletop game: “Sonic the Hedgehog: Urban Science Fantasy Role Playing Game”

Panic in Nuke City

Nuke City: A dilapidated slum in the capital city of Robotropolis. A place where nuke-hustlers and pimps take advantage of the weak-willed, and nuke-junkies scrape the streets for robot and machine parts. The streets are lousy with homeless, damaged robots.

The three of you are at a diner, enjoying a well-earned meal purchased with the last of your savings. You’re well-fed, well-rested and ready for your next job:

Shifty Louis the Rat approaches you. He speaks in a voice dripping with criminal charisma. He wants the party of adventurers to assassinate a junky named Dirty Stan the Opossum at a robot strip club called the Oil Can.

Mission Parameters

– He wants them to bring back the Nuke Stan stole
– They’ll be paid for the kill, but not necessarily the Nuke.
– Depending on the level of success, between 100 to 700 Megabux.

The Oil Can

A seedy dive for the drunk, nuked and ready to puke. Warehouse workers bring their meager savings to this pit to ogle the robots gyrating on stage. If they had a particularly good week, perhaps they might even take one home.

If the party enters at the entrance, they encounter the Doorman: Paul the Forgotten, an elderly retired pimp. Tries to run the place as responsibly as he can, but he can only do so much.

The three robot dancing girls entertaining guests inside: Titania, Spark-Plug, Vulvatron and Robo-Pussy

Three Security Guards: Gorg the Koala, Franco the Honeybadger, Coco the Gorilla (deaf)

See Game Master’s Companion for Enemy Class and Civilian Stats

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Alex Lambropoulos
MC Griffin – Instagram: @scrapbrainzone
Alisha Mason – Instagram: @slavetothepage
Music by Max Repka – Instagram: @iamblue42
Episode Art by Alex Salyer  – Instagram: @alexdsalyer
Intro narration by DeMorge Brown
Episode Art by Arthur Tien
Produced by Jason Kyle Hammons

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Episode 010 – Tabletop | Elseware Presents: Sonic the Podcast

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