Escape From New York (1981) Kurt Russell | The Saturday Doobie Feature | Movies and Marijuana

Escape From New York

Escape From New York (1981) Kurt Russell | The Saturday Doobie Feature | Movies and Marijuana

Air Force One just crash landed in Manhattan and needs assistance before it’s too late! Join your heroes Jessica Singer, Justin Gentile, and Snake Plissken as they try to save the President from the prison that is Manhattan in Escape from New York.

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About the Movie

Plot (Spoilers):

In 1988, following a 400% increase in crime, the United States government has turned Manhattan into a giant maximum-security prison. A 50-foot (15 m) containment wall surrounds the island, and routes out of Manhattan have been dismantled or mined, while armed helicopters patrol the rivers, and all prisoners there are sentenced to life, with no means of leaving.

In 1997, while traveling to a peace summit between the United States, China, and Russia, Air Force One is hijacked by a domestic terrorist posing as a stewardess. The President is given a tracking bracelet and his briefcase (containing an audiotape describing the secret to using nuclear fusion for power generation) handcuffed to his wrist. He makes it to an escape pod, and lands in Manhattan just before Air Force One crashes, killing everyone else aboard.

Police are dispatched to rescue the President. However, Romero, the right-hand man of the Duke of New York (the top crime boss in the prison) warns them that the Duke has taken the President hostage and that he will be killed if any further rescue attempts are mounted. Commissioner Bob Hauk offers a deal to Snake Plissken, a former Special Forces soldier convicted of attempting to rob the Federal Reserve in Denver, Colorado: if Snake rescues the President and retrieves the cassette tape, Hauk will arrange a presidential pardon. To ensure his compliance, Hauk has Plissken injected with micro-explosives that will rupture Snake’s carotid arteries within 22 hours; if Snake returns with the President and the tape in time, Hauk will have the explosives neutralized.

Snake is sent into Manhattan in a stealth glider, landing atop the World Trade Center. He tracks the President’s life-monitor bracelet to a vaudeville theater, only to find it on the wrist of an insane old man. He meets “Cabbie,” who takes Snake in his armored taxi cab to Harold “Brain” Hellman, an advisor to the Duke and a former associate of Snake’s. Brain tells Snake that the Duke plans to unify the gangs in a mass exodus across the heavily guarded Queensboro Bridge, using the President as a human shield and a map Brain has created to avoid the landmines. Snake forces Brain and his girlfriend Maggie to lead him to the Duke’s compound at Grand Central Terminal. He finds the President but is captured by the Duke’s men.

While Snake is forced to fight in a deathmatch with Slag, a prisoner, Brain, and Maggie kill Romero and flee with the President. As Snake kills Slag, the Duke learns of Brain’s treachery and rallies his gang to chase them. Snake, Brain, Maggie, and the President race to the World Trade Center in an attempt to use Snake’s glider to escape from Manhattan. After a group of crazies destroys it, the group returns to the street and encounters Cabbie, who offers to take them across the bridge. When Cabbie reveals that he has the secret tape (having traded it to Romero earlier for his hat), the President demands it, but Snake keeps it.

The Duke pursues the group onto the bridge, setting off mines as he tries to catch up. With Brain navigating through the minefield, Snake manages to avoid most of the explosives, but the cab hits a mine and is blown in half, killing Cabbie. As the group flees on foot, Brain is killed when he steps on another mine. Maggie refuses to leave him. She stands in the middle of the road, shooting at the Duke’s car until he runs her down, killing her. Snake and the President reach the perimeter wall, and the guards raise the President on a rope. The Duke opens fire on the wall, killing the guards and forcing Snake to dive for cover, but the President shoots the Duke dead. Snake is lifted to safety, and the micro-explosives in his neck are neutralized.

As the President prepares for a televised speech to the leaders at the summit meeting, he thanks Snake for saving him. Snake asks how he feels about the people who died saving him, but the President only offers half-hearted regret. As Snake walks away in disgust, Hauk offers Snake a job, which he refuses. The President’s speech commences, and he offers the contents of the cassette; to his embarrassment, the tape is Cabbie’s cassette of the swing song “Bandstand Boogie”. As Snake walks away, he intentionally tears the magnetic tape out of the cassette reel with the actual message that was intended to be delivered by the President.

Escape from New York
Directed by: John Carpenter
Produced by: Larry Franco, Debra Hill
Written by: John Carpenter, Nick Castle
Based on: “Supertoys Last All Summer Long” by Brian Aldiss
Starring: Kurt Russell, Lee Van Cleef, Ernest Borgnine, Donald Pleasence, Isaac Hayes, Harry Dean Stanton, Adrienne Barbeau
Music by: John Carpenter, Alan Howarth
Cinematography: Dean Cundey, Jim Lucas
Edited by: Todd Ramsay
Produced by: AVCO Embassy Pictures International, Film Investors, Goldcrest Films International
Distributed by: AVCO Embassy Pictures
Release Date: 1981 (United States)
Running time: 99 minutes
Language: English
Budget: $6,000,000
Box office: $25,200,000

Sourced: Wikipedia,


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Escape From New York (1981) Kurt Russell | The Saturday Doobie Feature | Movies and Marijuana

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  1. Kurt Russell has truly embodied ‘Snake’ Plissken in here, and he’s marvelous from start to end. Without doubt, a cult-character and a cult-performance.John Carpenter has been on my list of favorite directors. John Carpenter proves that he is a versatile director and can make a hell of a film outside the horror genre. Clearly one of the most fun movies of the decade.

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