Moana (2016) Auliʻi Cravalho, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson | The Saturday Doobie Feature | Movies and Marijuana

Moana (2016) Auliʻi Cravalho, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson | The Saturday Doobie Feature | Movies and Marijuana

Moana (2016) Auliʻi Cravalho, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson | The Saturday Doobie Feature | Movies and Marijuana

Become demigods with The Saturday Doobie Feature as they review Moana starring Auli’i Cravalho and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

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*Prop 64 Compliant show recorded in California for Adults 21+

About the Movie

Plot (Spoilers):
On the Polynesian island of Motunui, the inhabitants worship the goddess Te Fiti, who brought life to the ocean, using a pounamu stone as her heart and the source of her power. Maui, the shapeshifting demigod, and master of sailing steals the heart to give humanity the power of creation. However, Te Fiti disintegrates, and Maui is attacked by Te Kā, a volcanic demon, losing both his magical giant fishhook and the heart to the depths.

A millennium later, Moana, daughter of Motunui’s chief Tui, is chosen by the ocean to return the heart to Te Fiti. However, Tui arrives and takes Moana away, causing her to lose the heart. Tui and Moana’s mother, Sina, try to keep her away from the ocean to prepare her for ascension as the island’s chief. Years later, a blight strikes the island, rotting the coconuts and dwindling the number of fish caught. Moana suggests going beyond the island’s reef to find more fish, but Tui forbids it. Moana tries conquering the reef but is overpowered by the tides and shipwrecked back on Motunui.

Moana’s grandmother Tala shows her a secret cave, where a number of ships are hidden, revealing to Moana that their people used to be voyagers. Tala explains they stopped when Maui stole Te Fiti’s heart and that Te Kā’s darkness is poisoning the island, but it can be cured if Moana finds Maui and makes him restore the heart of Te Fiti, which she gives to Moana. Tala falls ill shortly after and dies.

Moana sets sail on a camakau found in the cavern. She is caught in a typhoon and shipwrecked on an island where she finds the stranded Maui, who traps her and steals the camakau, but Moana catches up to him with help from the ocean. She demands that Maui return the heart but he refuses. Maui is accompanied by a sentient “Mini-Maui” tattoo, acting as his conscience.

They are attacked by Kakamora—coconut-armored pirates—who seek the heart, but Moana and Maui outwit them. Moana realizes Maui is no longer a hero, and convinces him to redeem himself by returning the heart. Maui first needs to obtain his magical fishhook, which is located in Lalotai, the Realm of Monsters, and is in the possession of Tamatoa, a giant, greedy coconut crab. Maui retrieves his fishhook while Moana distracts Tamatoa, but Maui discovers he cannot control his shapeshifting and loses self-confidence, quickly becoming overpowered by Tamatoa. Moana’s quick thinking allows them to escape with the hook. Maui reveals that his first tattoo was earned when his mortal parents rejected him. After reassurance from Moana, Maui teaches her the art of sailing and regains control of his powers.

The two arrive at Te Fiti’s island, only to be attacked by Te Kā, who badly damages Maui’s fishhook. Fearful he will lose his hook, and therefore his power, Maui angrily abandons Moana, who tearfully asks the ocean to find someone else to restore the heart. The ocean obliges and takes the heart from Moana. Tala’s spirit appears, inspiring Moana to find her true calling. She retrieves the heart and sails back to confront Te Kā. Maui returns, having had a change of heart, and buys Moana time to reach Te Fiti by fighting Te Kā, destroying his fishhook in the process. Moana discovers Te Fiti is missing, and realizes Te Kā is Te Fiti without her heart. Moana tells the ocean to clear a path, allowing her to restore Te Fiti’s heart, transforming her back to normal. Te Fiti then heals the ocean and islands of the blight. Maui apologizes to Te Fiti, who restores his fishhook and falls into a deep sleep.

Moana bids farewell to Maui, returning home where she reunites with her parents. She takes up her role as chief and wayfinder, leading her people on a voyage.

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Moana (2016) Auliʻi Cravalho, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson | The Saturday Doobie Feature | Movies and Marijuana


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