Episode 001 – Phillip Binder

Episode 001 - Philip Binder | Elseware Presents: Sonic the Podcast

Episode 001 – Phillip Binder | Elseware Presents: Sonic the Podcast

Griff plays and learns about the devastating history of Sonic 1 (With Phillip Binder).

“It’s inconvenient and it also ruins your life.” – Phillip Binder, 2006.

I love Video Games. You love Video Games. Everyone loves Video Games. Video Games love everyone. Video Games love us. Last night we got 33 drunken texts from Video Games.

It’s been a lonely few years. Fifteen years. We miss Video Games, but it’ll never be like it was. The late nights, the series of playable characters, the gun in the closet, the thirteen-hour naps, our hearts racing, reaching that save point, defeating that boss. Together. You know… maybe, after all this time, they’ve actually changed. Maybe they’ve seen the bigger picture. Maybe this is the genesis of something really big.

“I guess if there wasn’t a risk involved, you know, there would be less thrill in playing the game.” – Griff Newcastle, 2006.

Listen to the show:

Chapter 1:
Doctor Ivo Robotnik looked for a long while at the tattered photo sitting on his wooden nightstand; transfixed, eyes seemingly locked in place, almost crossing, maintaining non-focus with the photo. Even looking at it, he couldn’t see it. The photo slightly curled in the middle, gravity barely holding it to the nightstand, moving ever-slightly with the oscillation, threatening to blow away. It dared Robotnik to feel, and despite himself, he refused. The subject of the photo couldn’t matter, not with the light grasping in from the blinds reflecting faintly off it’s greasy, glossy texture. No, he couldn’t abide a memory projected from this insulting paper- a frame holding a facsimile of the past; an unconvincing lie. The doctor felt a sneer bend the flesh on his face, the utter ambivalence contorting his mouth while unobserved. He shook himself. Was he always so cynical? He wanted to feel what he knew he must feel. He didn’t want to resign himself to this apathy. He wanted to love, and remember without bitterness. Sitting on his sex-tossed bed sheets, careful not to disturb his still-sleeping guest, he reached to pick up the relic he struggled so much to properly recognize. He scanned the surface of the polaroid, feeling the pouch of chemicals at it’s base with his thumb, searching his chest for a feeling of warmth- anything. “Knuckles” he said aloud. “What’s that, baby?” Tiffany cooed, sleep in her throat, turning to meet her lover. “Nothing. Sorry. Go back to bed” Robotnik replied, impotently.

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Phillip Binder – Instagram: @spillybinder
MC Griffin – Instagram: @scrapbrainzone
Alisha Mason – Instagram: @slavetothepage
Music by Max Repka – Instagram: @iamblue42
Episode Art by MC Griffin
Produced by Jason Kyle Hammons

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Episode 001 – Phillip Binder | Elseware Presents: Sonic the Podcast

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