Episode 002 – Davey Johnson | Elseware Presents: Sonic the Podcast (just for fans)

Episode 002 - Davey Johnson | Elseware Presents: Sonic the Podcast

Episode 002 – Davey Johnson | Elseware Presents: Sonic the Podcast (just for fans)

Griff passes out probably because he played too much DOOM 2 (With Davey Johnson).

“Look out for yourself, look out for others, treat everyone Kindly and, put a little effort into it.” -Clark Gibble

Clark Gibble was born in Los Angeles California to Stephanie and Michael Gibble on February 2, 1955. Unfortunately, Mister Gibble has passed away in his sleep last Wednesday due to complications concerning his long-term battle with stomach cancer. Mr Gibble will be remembered by his friends, family and fans for his effort noises in the classic Video Games like Doom 2, Doom 3, Doom Returns and Rocket Rabbit (of the Elseware Co.), and his addition to the Tail Spin theme song will forever be stuck in our minds and hearts. His unique view from behind the scenes of the voice acting industry in  “Whistles, Snarls, and Gurgles: The Clark Gibble Story” has been a leading work of literature for those in the industry for the last decade. Clark spent his final days enjoying walks through the park in his neighborhood, playing Doom2 at a nearby pizza place, and petting his cat: Dr. Monocle.  Our condolences to his family, the big arcade in the sky has gained another angel.

“Hopefully the fainting thing is done with. That’s probably a one-time thing.” – Griff Newcastle

Listen to the show:

Chapter 2:
The air was predictably dry in Partridge Valley. The cement of the sidewalk uneven, the skyline low, crushed under the grey smoggy air of this tiny berg. Doctor Robotnik walked the streets of his hometown, his arms filled with groceries from the same corner market he often visited as a child. The sticks of celery emerging from the hefty paper bag he carried obscured the grayish pastel sky like twin palm trees, reminding him of Green Hill Zone. But Green Hill Zone was very far away. Partridge Valley had palm trees, sure. But they’d been transplanted from their homes to this new climate, banal in it’s hospitality toward human settlement. The nature Robotnik had become used to was hostile to people. No Partridge Valley palm tree ever brained a passerby with a falling coconut, for example. Robotnik laughed at this thought, distracting him momentarily from the burning in his arms. He was annoyed in the face of his weakness and aging. He was never fit, but he could at least carry groceries, surely. There was a time when he never walked, and only drove himself on specific occasions- he had people for that after all. But he told himself that he wouldn’t grouse at normalcy. He wouldn’t balk at the opportunity to be common. He was extraordinary once. Now, he is something else. Now, he was going to make a meal for the woman who stayed the whole night. He felt a kick, even hearing it against the crisp brown paper of his grocery bag where it rested against his egg-like body. ‘One day, you may be extraordinary too’ he thought, smiling to himself.

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Davey Johnson
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Music by Max Repka – Instagram: @iamblue42
Episode Art by Alex Salyer  – Instagram: @alexdsalyer
Produced by Jason Kyle Hammons

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Episode 002 – Davey Johnson | Elseware Presents: Sonic the Podcast (just for fans)

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