Episode 004 – Wade Randolph | Elseware Presents: Sonic the Podcast

Episode 004 - Wade Randolph | Elseware Presents: Sonic the Podcast

Episode 004 – Wade Randolph | Elseware Presents: Sonic the Podcast

Griff plays Crash Bandicoot despite his best intentions and is forced to reckon with it’s violent ideology. Also Leggy! (With Wade Randolph).

“10 out of 10” – Electronic Gaming Monthly, Review of Crash Bandicoot (1995)

“Even though Crash is one of the best 16-bit games of combat, there’s no reason I should be combative with you… so whaddeva wanna know about Crash?” – Wade, Crash Bandicoot Expert


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Chapter 4:
“Violence is like a virus of ideas. It compels even the best of us. As man’s problems are defined by murder, torture, and hate, so too are the reactionary solutions- we’re practically defined as a species by our tendency for revenge, seeking justice rather than peace and perpetuating the binary pattern of crime and retribution until the two blend together. Violence is like a poison, acclimating us all to it’s toxicity; introduced slowly to our system until we perish or become toxic ourselves. The pill that carries that tiny bit of poisonous contagion is bitter, but when animals, human or otherwise, are made to ingest something they don’t want or trust, it calls on their master to hide it in a cookie or piece of meat- something they like and trust; something they enjoy. For most human beings, this desirable thing is video games. The bitter pill of violence is masked perfectly by it’s soft, comforting dough, the insidious taste of strife hidden by the dopamine of a job-well-done simulated. This is Crash Bandicoot- A primer for those who would beat flesh until it leaks blood, and bend bone until it breaks. It fosters ambivalence to the pain of others; fertilizer for the aggression previously bred out of humans. The feeling is forbidden, but like most forbidden things, it is sweet, decadent and addictive.

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Robbie Bruens – Instagram: @wowbruensceo
MC Griffin – Instagram: @scrapbrainzone
Alisha Mason – Instagram: @slavetothepage
Music by Max Repka – Instagram: @iamblue42
Episode Art by Alex Salyer  – Instagram: @alexdsalyer
Intro narration by DeMorge Brown
Episode Art by Steve Chunn

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Episode 004 – Wade Randolph | Elseware Presents: Sonic the Podcast

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