Episode 17 – Ben Paddon | Elseware Presents: Sonic the Podcast

Episode 17 - Ben Paddon | Elseware Presents: Sonic the Podcast

Episode 17 – Ben Paddon | Elseware Presents: Sonic the Podcast

Griff discusses the work of Michael Jackson (with Ben Paddon).

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Chapter 17:
“It’s hard to find work when you’re associated with the image of a giant eagle pulling his own head off and biting Peter Molyneux on the anus.” -Benjamin Gold

Welcome to the episode description.

I’m MC Griffin. It’s a weird political moment in the country. It feels strange to put yourself in self-promotion mode when all the badness in your world seems specifically defined by the languages of advertising, PR and spin. Griff would love for me to put on a promotional, jolly tone like in those absurd Digital Xpressions ads that play in his show, but I refuse. I believe we can communicate with each other in a way that is earnest, and honest. I seek to inform, maybe sometimes entertain, and never advertise. So, as is my mission in these episode descriptions, let’s get you guys up to date on what’s going on in the offices of Elseware.

As far as our game goes, there’s not much we’re ready to say yet. Announced on Instagram: Project Monster City is now tentatively titled “Love is Monstrous” but who knows how long that will stick. Aside from that and some key art, not much progress has been made as we’re building a lot of this code-wise from the ground up. A lot of that has been my fault, to be completely candid- my life outside of work has been pulling me in strange, distracting directions. The same can’t be said about writer and designer Mikey Pterrodactyls, who’s been diligently creating the framework of our game, ever-vigilant despite us changing engines. He’s a workhorse that one, but that’s to be expected from a guy who hang-glides into work every morning. Our receptionist/social media person Kathleen Fitzgerald has also been brought onto the project thanks to Elseware’s startup mentality. If we didn’t believe in what we were doing, we might have a problem with wearing so many hats into work, but passion motivates tolerance for a lot- for now. Anyway, Kathleen is a huge asset, even if looking her in the eyes is comparable to starring directly into the sun, except instead of being bright, it’s an infinite darkness that burns all the same. She brings pomegranates from her backyard. It’s nice.

With the podcast, the next episode that airs will be the first brand new one in quite a long time. I’m sure if Griff has feelings about that, though I can’t tell if he’s stoked to be podcasting again, or dreading it. But without saying too much, his hands are tied either way. Contractual obligations mean you folks get more podcast content to listen to- I’ll just leave it at that.

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Ben Paddon
MC Griffin – Instagram: @scrapbrainzone
Steve Flavin
Alex Lambropoulos
Edited by: Alisha Mason – Instagram: @slavetothepage
Music by Max Repka – Instagram: @iamblue42
Intro narration by DeMorge Brown
Episode Art by Robert DeJesus
Produced by Jason Kyle Hammons

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Episode 17 – Ben Paddon | Elseware Presents: Sonic the Podcast

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