Deadpool (2016) Review | The Hollywood Redux Podcast | Redux Reviews


Deadpool (2016) Review | The Hollywood Redux Podcast | Redux Reviews

After a boisterous effort on behalf of Ryan Reynolds and the fans, we finally have the Merc with the Mouth in his own feature length vehicle and it is exactly what you’re seeking in a Deadpool movie. Click play to hear The Hollywood Redux dissection of Deadpool below:

The story is beside the point in this stylish spree, and TWR looks beyond the usual story analysis methods to weigh its success. In a real way, the film is making money and smashing box office records, which could indicate a couple of things – that the public is hungry for different kinds of characters and that audience members really relish a revenge fantasy. Indeed it is satisfying to watch Deadpool take down the smarmy British ponce who wrongs him for a number of reasons, not least of which is Reynolds’ performance as the titular character.

Ryan Reynolds carries the show – the overall effect of the fourth wall breakage is that the movie plays like a two hour dream the character has where he’s trying to answer some question we don’t know. But then, in the end, there is no question, just chaos, revenge and the love of a good woman. Maybe sometimes a dream is just a dream – especially when it’s a revenge fantasy of this magnitude.

Listen to our review and then comment below if you agree or disagree – we want to hear your experience of Deadpool.

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Deadpool (2016) Review | The Hollywood Redux Podcast | Redux Reviews

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