Best Film Scores | The Writers’ Room Podcast | Episode 313

The Writers Room Favorite Film Scores

Favorite Film Scores | The Writers’ Room Podcast | Episode 313

Ennio Moricone, John Williams, Danny Elfman, Howard Shore, Vangelis, Marvin Hamlisch, Rachel Portman–these are just a few film composers of the 21st Century. The Writers’ Room Podcast has talked about how important a movie’s score is to the experience of the story in recent reviews like Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight. This week we dedicate an episode to some of our favorite scores from two decades of film.

We cut a wide swath from Chaplin to Reznor. Tune in below for the full report:

Catch up on old episodes of The Writers’ Room including our Hateful Eight review here.


Music as part of the movie going experience began in silent pictures. Even though there wasn’t sound in these, music was still played to underscore the mood. The Germans leveled up cinema and scores in Fritz Lang’s movies Die Nibelungen (1924) and Metropolis (1927) which were accompanied by original full scale orchestral scores.


King Kong moved us forward once more with synchronization capabilities in David O. Selznick’s 1933 actioner.  Later filmmakers like Alfred Hitchcock via his composer, Bernard Herrmann, experimented with the scores in Vertigo (1958) and Psycho (1960). The use of jazz was striking and innovative especially.

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Best Film Scores | The Hollywood Redux Podcast

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