Favorite Party Movies | The Hollywood Redux Podcast | Episode 408


Favorite Party Movies | The Hollywood Redux Podcast | Episode 408

From Superbad to The Shining – we’re talking our favorite party scenes in honor of the birthday boy, Matthew Bolton on The Hollywood Redux Podcast.

Pop the champagne below:


Screens have shown us some of the wildest parties from college bashes like Old School, Animal Houses, the Rules of Attraction, Revenge of the Nerds, Van Wilder, but we realized there are also a number of parties marking the end of the world such as in This is the End, Independence Day, and on TV the end of the first season of Mr. Robot.

Probably the most massive end of the world type bash can be seen in The Matrix Reloaded. The minute that rave pops off, Zion unleashes its citizens who party with such wild abandon, you can’t help feel it is the end of the world, because it mostly is. The party is a lot of fun until it turns into a gigantic orgy, including some seriously adult time between Neo and Trinity.

Also of note, bloody murder parties, like the Blood Rave in Blade, when all the vampires start killing people. Speaking of murder parties, how can we forget The Shining, one of the most famous (and chilling) parties ever recorded (“…Hair of the dog that bit me, Lloyd…”). The opulent ballroom and elegantly appointed guests belie a grisly truth about wealth and appropriation. While the undead guests of The Overlook drink Advocaats and kibitz, a woman and child are in danger.

Look at those eyebrows, they are definitely en route to axe murder. It is strange how many of these parties do end in bloodshed, now that we’re thinking about it.

What are your favorite cinema parties? Comment below and let us know – and if your birthday was this month, well happy birthday friend, join in the party, won’t you?

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