Goriest Movies Ever | The Hollywood Redux Podcast | Episode 329

the writers room podcast goriest movies ever

Goriest Movies Ever | The Writers’ Room Podcast | Episode 329

Bring your corn syrup! Halloween Redux is unleashing a tidal wave of fake blood from our elevator in a NEW episode this week talking about the goriest movies. Splatter films, horror comedies like Braindead and Evil Dead, torture porn, anything from the George Romero oeuvre – the list goes on. As long as we’ve been making movies, we’ve been letting the blood flow freely in them, a sort of new Circus Maximus.

These films rely heavily on special effects to provideĀ  a window into a collective fascination with the vulnerability of the human body and potential dismembering/mutilation. They are popular cultural experiences, watching with a crowd, being collectively grossed out. Satisfy all your needs with our suggestions and let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite gore-fest.

Swim in the sea of red with us below!

Halloween Redux is in its final lap, which means the music is speeding up, we’re unleashing more content, and finally give away some of those prizes we’ve been tantalizing you with all month long (click here for the details on our giveaways). Tune in tomorrow for a the most haunting levels in video game-dom on IGL Podcast, and The K Files is NEW on Wednesday with a new spooky investigation.

Use #HalloweenRedux and share your nerdy costumes and Halloween memes! We love Halloween and we want to party with you on the internets!


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Goriest Movies Ever | Halloween Redux | The Hollywood Redux Podcast

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