Halloween Redux Wrap Up | The Hollywood Redux Podcast | Episode 331



Halloween Redux Wrap Up | The Hollywood Redux Podcast | Episode 331

Halloween managed! The Hollywood Redux team hopes you enjoyed all the festivities duringĀ  October. We love Halloween and horror, so any excuse to celebrate the scary works for us: movies, games, those special Halloween memes that sum it all up perfectly. The closer we get to Christmas, the more we’ll need these macabre memories – return to Halloween anytime here.

The Writers’ Room took a tour through scary and gory movies, respectively, IGL Podcast played horror games to haunt your nightmares for a whole year, The K Files investigated those episodes of The X Files with the spookiest case files and the most shit you can’t unsee, oh, and of course, we still haveĀ  giveaways to giveaway from all of your sharing and tweeting.

Check out the episode below for the full recap, plus the winners of our October giveaway are revealed!


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Your Hosts:

Katie Moeller
Twitter: www.twitter.com/kmoells

Matthew Bolton
Twitter: www.twitter.com/splashdown1

Michael Hesser
Twitter: www.twitter.com/whatthehess

Kryzzalia Lopez
Twitter: www.twitter.com/kryzzalia

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Halloween Wrap | Halloween Redux | The Hollywood Redux Podcast

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