Labyrinth 30th Anniversary Screening | The Writers’ Room Podcast | Episode 323

The Writers Room Labyrinth 30th Anniversary

Labyrinth 30th Anniversary Screening | The Writers’ Room Podcast | Episode 323

Eternal star David Bowie is back on movie screens again in a role well loved by children of the 80’s and 90’s. Theaters are celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Jim Henson’s magnum opus/super weird and alive fairy tale, Labyrinth, aka the Bowie musical populated by muppets. It was reported that the movie would play in theaters ahead of the September 20 release of the 30th Anniversary special edition Blu-ray (click the link to preorder on Amazon)

Go see it! But first, press play on The Redux Review Here:

It was a treat to see it on the big screen for the first time: the movie was popular in its day but many people fell in love with it as a child on a VHS tape. Rewatching it in full remastered glory feels like a worthy tribute to the recently passed, near perfect human, David Bowie who plays the Goblin King Jareth with a cruel, charming glint in his dramatically made up eyes. It was a tough choice to watch Jennifer Connolly’s main character, Sarah, make – his attention feels very alluring.

labyrinth - enjoy

Aside from Bowie, Labyrinth represents a world of filmmaking mastery in the impressive practical effects, plus efforts from fantasy conceptual artist Brian Froud, a script co-written by Monty Python‘s Terry Jones, choreography by Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Gates McFadden (who know Beverly Crusher had it in her), and of course Jim Henson emptying out the creature shop for one of his most massive film undertakings.

labyrinth - dance

Prior to the screening, the audience was treated to a making-of documentary that has a ton of Bowie behind the scenes and conversations with Brian Henson. The Blu-Ray is said to include an audio commentary by Froud, a new 24-page “digibook” with photos, a featurette with Connelly and the Henson family discussing Jim Henson’s puppetry and filmmaking,  and a Bowie remembrance by Connelly and Henson’s children.

labyrinth - art

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Labyrinth 30th Anniversary Screening | Redux Reviews | The Hollywood Redux Podcast

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