Best Movie Villains | The Hollywood Redux Podcast | Episode 320



Best Movie Villains | The Writers’ Room Podcast | Episode 320

A villain, aka the antagonist,bad guy, black hat, big bad, more Buffy speak) is the duality of the hero, a shadow that reveals the dark side of the main character, or protagonist. The best villains have rich stories and/or psychologies¬† that deepen the narrative. The harder the pull on the main character the better. Palpatine is Skywalker’s inversion – Palpatine’s malice loses to faith in friends/hope for good (and arguably free will’s triumph over the machine or system).

Tune in below for our discussion of villains from Star Wars, to monsters, to Spielberg, Kubrick, Tarantino and more.

Ice Man’s police officer for the system illuminates Maverick’s inclination to break the rules. Cruella’s view of Dalmatian puppies as objects is the inverse of the way Pongo and Perdita’s owners see their pets as family, however ridiculous in number. Sauron says there’s no hope for man and the Fellowship bravely sets off nonetheless. Frankenstein draws to light the ugliness of the townspeople’s fear.

lotr - sauron

But, of course, there are no rules in film for those have a vision for something new. Quentin Tarantino’s main characters often behave like bad guys and yet are still the heroes in their stories.

alien - bye bye

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  1. I think you missed one of the all time great villains, my personal favorite Alan Rickman. In the first Die Hard movie he played the classic villain that you love to hate. Best line, “What idiot put you in charge?”

    The other…Lord Voldemort. No need to elaborate I’m sure.

    • We chose poorly! Very true – Hans Gruber and Voldemort are top of the bad guy heap. We’ll have to feature them in Part 2 of this podcast. Feel free to suggest some more baddies!

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