New Studio Space Announcement | Behind the Scenes | The Hollywood Redux Podcast

Coming Soon Hollywood Redux

New Studio Space Announcement | Behind the Scenes | The Hollywood Redux Podcast

The Hollywood Redux Podcast team are excited to announce that we are in progress on a mission to bring you higher quality digital content daily!

We’re currently under construction on a new studio space that will lend a fresh look to all of our programming via a new set. Read on below for what to look for from the new digs for our shows and to see behind the scenes pictures from the build. Stay tuned for the big reveal when we return to our regularly scheduled programming later in April.

Check out hundreds of videos at our Youtube page here, and WATCH the Hollywood Redux site trailer below to get started:


Coming Soon

We are underway perfecting a new freestanding studio space much better equipped than our last space to handle the daily content we output. Read on below for what to expect from our shows in the coming weeks as we kick off production.

Podcasts The HR Podcast, The K Files, IGL Podcast plus Twitch Gameplay Thursdays, TSDF, and biweekly D&D show, Adventure! will resume their regular schedule, each with a new, unique set. These sets will have lots of fun details, our set decorators are already salivating to design the sets with more detail and decoration.

Catch up on previous episodes on Youtube

Our short films will kick off production in early May on a new slate from our film department. We have the resources and space at the new studio to delve even more into propmaking, miniatures, animation, and more. Watch our previous shorts Impactus, Becoming, and Bump in the Night.

Behind the Scenes

We have to customize the space quite a bit for our purposes. Check out these before and in progress images below and stay tuned to Hollywood Redux on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube for the unveiling of the finished product:

Hollywood Redux New Studio

We started with a freestanding building once used as a garage or storage.

As you can see in the photos, we started with unfinished walls, added a layer of insulation, and then laid some drywall down.

Hollywood Redux New Studio

Michael Hesser (HR Podcast, IGL, TSDF) seen above gulping as he conceives of the work he will have to do on this space.

Once the studio walls and flooring are in finishing stages, we will need to mount a curtain over the storage/shelving on the left and construct more sound proofing panels that will be movable/placed where needed eventually.

HR New Studio

Matt, above in pink, is the man with the vision on this project. You can see him on the HR Podcast and as Dungeon Master on Adventure!, as well as view his short film Bump in the Night.

He and Michael are seen above cutting the drywall to fit the space.

HR New StudioWe added a layer of insulation to the skeleton of the building before mounting the sheets of drywall.

HR New Studio

Post-spackle, we decided what paint colors to choose for the walls. We will have two permanent backdrops, so we needed to choose two colors.


Katie (The K Files, Becoming, Impactus) and Kryzzalia (The K Files, Twitch Gameplay), pictured above, sand away on the drywall. We spackled over screws and the gaps in between drywall sheets. then sanded the spackle down to smooth the wall in preparation for painting.

The finished product will be unveiled soon!

In the meantime, reminisce on our old set a little while longer via our cache of hundreds of videos on our website and via Youtube. 

Ditch the boobtube for Youtube. Subscribe to Hollywood Redux on Youtube. 

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New Studio Space Announcement | Behind the Scenes | The Hollywood Redux Podcast

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