Underworld Blood Wars Review | The Hollywood Redux Podcast | Episode 404

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Underworld Blood Wars Review | The Hollywood Redux Podcast | Episode 404

The Hollywood Redux Podcast returns with a pop-up review of fifth Underworld franchise installment, Blood Wars. Death dealer Selene (Beckinsale) is now on the run from both the Lycans (fancy European werewolves) and the vampire faction that betrayed her. With key allies by her side, she endeavors to end the old war between the races, even unto her own demise.

At one point, Kate Beckinsale’s leather jumpsuit clad protagonist notes – “I have seen so much killing, so much war. I cannot bear more.” We pretty much feel the same way about this franchise. Directed by Anna Foerster in her directorial debut with some visual flare, but a story long bereft of meaning, this movie is a harbinger of the end of remakes and sequels. Studios seem to think that audiences only care about the monsters in these movies because they look cool, or the CG fighting is cool, but really, they’re whiffing an opportunity to have a film that actually matters. The talented wing of BAFTA employed by this project are wasted on a story that doesn’t support their gravitas. Nice to see the entire B side of the Game of Thrones cast working together again, though.

Great to see long time DP and second unit director to disaster movie aficionado Roland Emmerich (Independence Day; 10,000 BC) Anna Foerster make the jump to helmer for this. The most affecting moments in the movie came via the direction – the sequence where Lycans shoot holes in a building, allowing light to stream in and attack a vampire coven was especially compelling.

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