Best Virtual Reality Movies | The Hollywood Redux Podcast | Episode 322


Virtual Reality Movies | The Writers’ Room Podcast | Episode 322

It’s VR Month at Hollywood Redux! Use #HRVR on social media to send us VR material of note, plus check out our Twitch Gameplays and episodes of IGL Podcast for the full experience. In honor of VR Month, The Writers’ Room is pressing play on our favorite movies with VR related content.

So strap on your VR headset and take a seat on this sofa on the surface of the moon. Take the red pill, then check out our podcast below and let us know if we missed any titles.

There are a handful of films that peer into the frontier of VR entertainment, especially in the 90’s, the 90’s loved VR. Sometimes virtual reality serves cinema as a cautionary tale (see The Lawnmower Man – don’t take a bunch of drugs and then play with the Vive, got it), sometimes VR is used as a vehicle to explore journeys of consciousness like in The Cell or The Matrix (or Dark City, which predated the Matrix and is basically it’s precursor). Sometimes it’s just an excuse to watch a young Craig Bierko (The Thirteenth Floor).

lawnmower man

Stay tuned to Hollywood Redux all month long for continued VR coverage. Check out a NEW IGL tomorrow with some exciting new guests and of course, a new VR game review. The K Files returns this Wednesday, so subscribe to us on Youtube to receive updates directly to your phone.

matrix - show me

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Best Virtual Reality Movies | The Hollywood Redux Podcast

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