Welcome to Halloween Redux | The Hollywood Redux Podcast | Episode 326

Halloween Redux

Welcome to Halloween Redux | The Writers’ Room Podcast | Episode 326

We’ve crossed over to the other side of Fall! October belongs to Samhain on Hollywood Redux. This month we celebrate all things that bump in the night across our entire channel! Read more below to see how you can win some of the #HalloweenRedux giveaways.

We’re debuting spooky scary gameplays on IGL, investigating the most bloody disgusting episodes of The X Files on the K Files, giving away a ton of free apparel, posters, Blu-rays, and more via the social medias plus naturally we’re doing the monster mash for 30 solid days and nights. Join us, won’t you?

Read more below to see how you can win some sweet nerd gear from our swag room. We’re giving away a Mr.Robot/F Society mask, Marvel/DC t-shirts, blu-rays, posters and more! All you have to do to enter to win is subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking the links below. We have all sorts of great giveaways happening all month, be sure to watch all month long to get in site on how to win what you want only on our YouTube!


Tune into this week’s episode of The Writers’ Room for more info on how you can participate in our ghostly goings-on below, then head to the social medias to get started. Like and share us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to us on Youtube so you don’t miss a single chilling moment of our haunted hoopla.

halloween the shape

Don’t forget to bring your death certificate. Press play:

IGL Podcast returns tomorrow with a NEW episode filled with nightmarish gameplay and horror revelry and The K Files serves up the practical gore in a NEW terrifying investigation on Wednesday. All hail the skeleton king! Halloween Redux has begun!

Listen to the audio podcast here:


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