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Pokemon GO Updates | Video Game News | Infinite Grenade Launcher Podcast

Niantic, the app developer responsible for what could be the most popular mobile game of all time, is cracking down on services that give players an edge in “catching them all.” Pokémon GO involves squiring your phone all around our real, physical world in order to find and enslave virtual monsters via smartphones. A weak spot in the game that helped players locate these targets had provided an opening for entrepreneurs to create apps able to pinpoint where Pokémon would appear and for how long.

Pres start here:

Niantic also began blocking third-party access to its servers, which these apps/sites utilized to harvest the data needed to provide these services.

What do you think? Did these apps make the game less fun? Did you utilize the services and are now pretty bummed out to have to walk around blind again? Let us know in the comments below after tuning in to our full discussion.


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