Thanksgiving! Games We’re Thankful For | Infinite Grenade Launcher Podcast | Level 230

Thanksgiving Nostalgia Games We're Grateful for.a

Thanksgiving! Games We’re Thankful For | Infinite Grenade Launcher Podcast | Level 230

While Thanksgiving is mainly about family and eating, we want to make sure we take stock of the games in our life that harken back to simpler times, that inspire us and can improve a bad day.

Among our most sacred nostalgia titles are: Playstation’s Kingdom Hearts (despite Sony’s broken promises for a third instalment), free online game, Robot Unicorn Attack (listen to the theme song, alone), and Monkey Island for X Box (from LucasArts no less).

In general, we’re thankful for Indie developers out there making games with lot of heart – who offer alternatives to the usual, from whom you can download random weird experiences like Journey, or story focused titles like Dear Esther and Undertail, the Tell Tale Hearts oeuvre, and many others.

Also, the season demands that we pay homage to James Bond video games such as the OG FPS for N64, Goldeneye, and Everything or Nothing for PS2. And finally, we’ve never been more thankful for Nintendo, still in business as the best distraction money can buy. Shout out Nintendo with us this #Nintendovember.

Press start on the podcast, then comment below what games you’re thankful for this holiday season!



What are you thankful for this #NintendoNovember? Comment below! Tune in Thursday for more gameplay from the team and stay with Hollywood Redux through the New Year. We’re cranking out new content daily until 2016’s bitter end.

Not in the holiday mood? Check out our Halloween Redux coverage on our shows The Writers’ Room, The K Files, and IGL. Plus, watch our latest horror short film, Impactus:



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