Three Big News Stories Unrelated to the Nintendo Switch Release | Infinite Grenade Launcher Podcast | Gaming News | Level 311

Infinite Grenade Launcher Podcast | Gaming News

Three Big News Stories Unrelated to the Nintendo Switch Release | Infinite Grenade Launcher Podcast | Gaming News | Level 311

Ready Players one and two for a NEW episode of the Infinite Grenade Launcher. This week, hosts AJ and Kyle are dishing on notable gaming news drowned out by the deafening roar surrounding the Nintendo Switch release, such as Twitter’s developing deals around the world to stream events, the new power of the Unreal Engine, and some good news for XBox Live gamers on a budget.

Press start:

Twitter makes deals around the world to stream large gaming conferences and E-sporting events. Yet another harbinger of the end for broadcast TV?

Twitter and two massive eSports companies, ESL and DreamHack, announced they will be teaming up to live stream more than 15 global video game events this year as well as exclusive, original content created for the social media platform. It’s Twitter’s first long-term eSports streaming deal.

Esports are video game competitions staged in packed arenas around the world watched by thousands of fans online. They are one of the fastest growing spectator sports online AND in person: the competitions regularly sell out NBA-sized arenas or bigger venues and eSports fans are forecast to grow quickly. Research predicts a jump from 191 million enthusiasts worldwide this year to 286 million in 2020.

Twitter Livestream IGL Podcast

Livestream sporting events via Twitter

This deal may help boost that popularity and in turn, Twitter engagement. The direct engagement of Twitter connects fans with the events, but more specifically offers eSports an opportunity to interact with their target audience on social media. Twitter Chief Operating Officer Anthony Noto extolled this collaboration as a way to tap into the engaged audience of gamers are already using Twitter for content.

Sound off in the comments below – do you think this will be a good thing for gaming or do you think it will worsen the gaming world when more notoriety and coverage occurs on a major platform?

Unreal Engine 4 is now so powerful that developers can in real time composite fully operational gaming or CGI elements into what a camera sees. 

What do you get when you combine a modular, motion-capped car, a 360-degree camera and some real-time work from Unreal Engine 4? Chevrolet recently created an impressive short film showing two augmented reality cars racing each other.

WATCH The Human Race, a short film showing Unreal Engine 4 in action

The short film, called The Human Race, may not appear super special EXCEPT – the cars aren’t rendered in post-production, they are being rendered in real-time using Unreal’s engine. This is absolutely incredible and a game changer for filmmakers, game developers, car companies – anyone who benefits from showcasing visual effects in real time.

IGL Podcast unreal engine 4

Developing the Unreal Engine 4

XBOX releases new Live streaming service for gamers on a budget that’s only $10 per month!

Broke gamers say huzzah! Having to splash out big bucks on the latest game may soon be a thing of the past: Microsoft announced their new subscription service Game Pass launching next spring on the Xbox One. For $10 a month, console owners will have access to over 100 Xbox One and compatible games similar to video content subscription services like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

IGL Podcast XBox Gamepass

Games available on the Gamepass

There is a slight difference. The Xbox Game Pass is not a streaming service, like PlayStation Now, but a game download subscription along the lines of EA Access. Subscribers who pay the $9.99 monthly fee can choose from games like Halo 5: Guardians, Payday 2, NBA 2K16 and SoulCalibur II (titles revealed Microsoft’s official announcement) then they download them to their system and play as if the game were purchased digitally.

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3 News Stories Unrelated Nintendo Switch Release| Infinite Grenade Launcher| Video Game Podcast

Sourced: Fox News,  Mashable, Esquire, Microsoft

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