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January IGL News Virtual Reality

Upcoming VR News | Infinite Grenade Launcher Podcast | Level 303

2017 is the year of Virtual Reality! IGL Podcast levels up with the coolest upcoming releases for VR platforms this winter.

Once a month, IGL Podcast dedicates time to the latest and greatest in VR tech and gaming, and the early part of the new year is looking tasty. Today we’re talking about such exciting prospects as Star Trek: Bridge Crew, a new Resident Evil offering, implications for past titles like Fallout, and even a Rock Band VR experience.

It’s all compelling – VR takes out the barrier between you and game, immersing you in the environment and even in the mind of the character whose role you are playing. Case in point: Star Trek fans will soon have the opportunity to take command of the star-ship Enterprise on its continuing mission to explore strange, new worlds via Ubisoft’s virtual reality foray into the world of Star Trek.


First revealed at Ubisoft’s E3 2016 conference, the game is an online multiplayer, meaning four players take on the role of your fellow crew with you, working together to pilot the ship, battle Klingons and rescue allies. The captain gets control over the ‘red alert’ alarm, just FYI… Your team must work together in order to successfully complete missions, which is easy to do when playing with friends, but we’ll be interested to see when the game is released how well it fares when strangers must work together in the same way in the virtual community.

Similarly, the upcoming Rockband VR lets you even more become the rock star on stage, playing to screaming crowds. Both games take the communal game experience from the confines of your living room into the greater world – and when gamers are interacting as their avatars, they mimic the emotions and movements you do, so it’s not altogether without connection. In fact, it’s a new kind of connection that allows you to meet people all over the world in a wholly different way. VR!

Press start on the podcast below for the full VR report:

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