VR Gaming BUDGET CUTS Experience | Infinite Grenade Launcher Podcast | Level 211

IGL Review Budget Cuts VR Video Game Virtual Reality

VR Gaming BUDGET CUTS Experience | Infinite Grenade Launcher Podcast | Level 211

IGL Podcast returns with more in VR gaming. Batman, Battlefront, and Budget Cuts. Three B’s that spell a new era in VR gaming coming soon to your consoles.

Coming to you from Steam and HTC Vive is BUDGET CUTS. Infiltrate secured facilities as a fast-working spy armed with incredible technology in this puzzling first-person TV challenge. This game is still in development and thought by some on reddit to be slated for a Fall release.

Press start below for the video:


Budget Cuts sits next to Hover Junkers as the two Vive games we’re currently salivating over the most. Budget Cuts’ name may conjure images of a yawn-inducing corporate accountant simulator, but it’s anything but. This is a clever stealth title, where you walk around your own physical space using the Vive’s room-scale setup, while a tool in your left hand lets you open portals to blink farther down the hallway or into the next room.

It’s physical movement within the confines of your playing space, mixed with wider virtual movement.

A bit like Portal and Dishonored spliced together and placed into VR, the game’s teleporting mechanic becomes your strategy for gaining just the right position to fling a knife into the chest of the evil robot sentry making its patrol up ahead of you. Get spotted and you’re almost certainly dead meat (something familiar to anyone who’s spent time with the stealth genre), so you’ll need to strategize your next move and be quick. – New Atlas

budget cuts robots
Host Justin Gentile tried the room experience recently, a mix of Goldeneye and Portal with a room scale that makes you there.

The footage of the game that’s available is very exciting, watch below to see for yourself.

More news from VR Gaming via our audio podcast:

Check out gameplay from Budget Cuts below:

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Budget Cuts VR | Infinite Grenade Launcher

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