VR Month Wrap Up | Infinite Grenade Launcher Podcast | Level 222


VR Month Wrap Up | Infinite Grenade Launcher Podcast | Level 222

Hosts Justin, AJ, and Kyle return to herald the end of #HRVR VR Month on a strong note. Previous VR Month episodes feature the future of VR in entertainment, gameplay experiences that took IGL players to a galaxy far, far away, plus VR themed episodes of The K Files and The Writers’ Room.

After discussing the Star Wars Oculus VR experience, Kyle shares his fond memories of working on the set of Cowboys vs Aliens. A time where he was almost struck and maimed by a rogue Harrison Ford cruising the backlot in his ridiculously fast golf cart.

As part of the wrap up, we’re also discussing future play of Resident Evil’s VR experience and previewing the game from this week’s Twitch VR session: relentless nightmare generator for Kyle, The Cubicle.

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VR Month is waning, but a harvest moon is rising on Halloween Redux [cue werewolf howl]. Hosts Justin, AJ and Kyle take you through their journey into the world of Virtual Reality as they wrap up VR Month here at Hollywood Redux.

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nightmare before xmas this is hall

Now that September has come to and end, Hollywood Redux is being transformed into Halloween Redux. A gory, gruesome and grotesque themed month of Hollywood Redux shows. Horror reviews, gameplays, game news and x-files episodes.  Justing AJ and Kyle are not very excited for Halloween Redux and what horrifying VR games that await them this October. Let us know any fun and scary games you’d like us have them play and we’ll torture ourselves for your entertainment.

Your Hosts:

Justin Gentile
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/justin_gentile

AJ Demers
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/lissaj89

Kyle Dunchan Graham
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kyledunchang

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