204 The K-Files | Freshly Squeezed Tooms | The X Files 201 Days Rewatch of First Season Episode ‘Tooms’


Katie and Kryzzalia join the X-Files 201 Days hosted by Fox, a fandom-wide rewatch of the entire show in time for the miniseries to air in January, by tuning in for the return of first season Monster of the Week favorite, Eugene Victor Tooms. Tooms, reappearing from earlier episode, “Squeeze,” looks like a man, but he is not: he awakens once a year to consume a set number of human livers, and then hibernates. Even stranger, he is a brilliant contortionist, baffling detection for so many decades by accessing his victims via spaces no one suspects. But Mulder is on to him. Stylish direction and a bizarre monster enhance a story about how much Mulder and Scully are in this fight, together. K and K also discuss their X-Files moments at Comic Con and Part 4 of IDW Publishing comic series X-files Season 10.

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