The X Files 201 Days Rewatch Three Part Podcast Event | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 207 | #TheXFiles201Episodes

Case File 207 The K Files

The X Files 201 Days Rewatch Three Part Podcast Event | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 207 | #TheXFiles201Episodes

The K-Files continues our search for the truth with The X-Files 201 Days Rewatch of mythology trilogy Gethsemane, and Redux Parts I and II, in a three part podcast event. Part two of three finds our heroes just like Luke and Leia at the end of Empire Strikes Back Рdejected, disheartened, but together once more and almost ready to rebuild their faith anew.

Join our investigation! Agents will be posting crime scene photos and ancillary evidence to the Hollywood Redux Facebook page and Twitter throughout the rewatch.

Tune in below to discover if you believe the lie.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Redux Part II and the trilogy’s revelatory conclusion.

KFiles - Redux event


After hearing of Scully collapsing, Mulder arrives at the hospital where Scully is being contained. Before he is able to make contact with her, he is detained by Skinner and two FBI agents. Mulder is then brought to Blevins and a Senior Agent who demand information on why Scully lied about Mulder’s death. After the meeting, Mulder tells Skinner that a traitor in the FBI gave Scully her cancer. In the meantime, meanwhile the Cigarette-Smoking Man has a meeting with the Elder, trying to convince him that Mulder will join their side if he is given a good reason to do so. After the briefing with Skinner, Mulder travels to the hospital to see Scully. Mulder tells her that he wants to reveal the conspiracy to the public. As he’s leaving, he meets with CSM who tells him he can cure Scully’s cancer, if Mulder joins his quest. Meanwhile Michael Kritschgau goes before the FBI panel, denying any knowledge of Ostlehoff’s murderer, also revealing that his son died that morning. Kritschgau claims to work for not only the Department of Defense but a congressional lobbying firm known as Rousch. Mulder sees Scully and her doctor about the chip. Scully’s family is skeptical, particularly her brother Bill, who is quite upset with Mulder. Scully decides to go ahead and have the chip inserted in her neck.

The Smoking Man contacts Mulder, arranging a meeting at a nearby diner. There Mulder meets his sister Samantha, who calls The Smoking Man her father. Samantha claims to not remember anything about her abduction and is reluctant to stay or tell Mulder where he can find her. The next day, The Smoking Man offers Mulder the truth if he quits the FBI and comes work for him; Mulder refuses.
Mulder later meets with Blevins, who now has the evidence Skinner was withholding. Blevins tells Mulder he can help him if he names Skinner as the traitor in the FBI. Later Mulder meets with Scully, telling her he was going to make the deal with the Cigarette Smoking Man but now won’t after his meeting with Blevins. Despite Scully’s pleas he refuses to name Skinner as the traitor in the FBI. As a PET scan performed after the insertion of the chip shows no improvement, Scully is dismayed and expresses her spiritual struggle to her mother who had previously tried to help her by arranging a meeting with Father McCue. Scully decides to turn to prayer and asks for the priest. Mulder witnesses their meeting and Scully tells him he will be in her prayers.

Mulder meets with the FBI panel while Quiet Willy follows the Cigarette Smoking Man with his sniper rifle. Mulder tells the panel of the conspiracy against him and Scully. Questioned by Blevins and the Senior Agent about whether he killed Ostlehoff, Mulder instead names Blevins as the traitor in the FBI. The “Cigarette Smoking Man”, looking at a picture of Mulder and Samantha is shot by “Quiet Willy”. Blevins is killed by the Senior Agent in his office, who makes it appear like a suicide. At the hospital, Skinner meets with Mulder, telling him that the Cigarette Smoking Man is dead, although his body wasn’t found. Mulder admits that he guessed when he named Blevins, who Skinner reveals was on the payroll for Rousch. Mulder tells Skinner that Scully’s cancer has gone into remission. Ambiguity remains as to what caused the remission, the prayer of faith or the chip.

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The X Files 201 Days Rewatch Three Part Podcast Event | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 207 | #TheXFiles201Episodes

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