211 The K Files | The Fate of Mulder’s Amor | The X Files 201 Days


211 The K Files | The Fate of Mulder’s Amor | The X Files 201 Days

In this very special episode of The K Files, agents are joined by guest host, Heather Turner, a crew member from upcoming X Files miniseries. Heather talks behind the scenes of the new six episodes and her own history with the show, then joins the investigation into dramatic finale to The Sixth Extinction trilogy, Amor Fati.

Amor Fati shows Mulder facing a final temptation before committing fully to his shared journey with Scully, while separately Scully faces her own doubts. Mulder’s arc is overt in this trilogy, but Scully’s story is suble. Scully learns: your ability to perceive truths is determined simply by your readiness to believe in their veracity.

Review our full findings including bonus behind the scenes tidbits from Heather:

The 201 Days now enters the seventh season. Want to schedule your rewatch around upcoming holidays? Check out The K Files rewatch resource page for an episode calendar. It’s how I know Millenium is on Thanksgiving, Theef airs on the first day of Hanukkah, and appropriately, The Gift, is on Christmas Day.

Stay tuned to The K Files for more rewatch coverage and news from the upcoming miniseries.

Special thanks to Heather Turner for her time and her sterling conversation. Pursue the truth with us anytime.

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