213 The K Files | Scully’s Nightmare | Per Manum


k files 213

213 The K Files | Scully’s Nightmare | Per Manum

As the end of 2015 draws nigh, The Rewatch brings us to a K Files favorite episode: Per Manum. We’ve investigated many episodes from Chris Carter that below the surface appear to be the characters’ dreams previously, such as Triangle, and the Per Manum case file reveals it to be in this family. Now we’ve entered the 8th season and Scully’s emotions are more turbulent than ever between Mulder’s abduction and her troubled pregnancy with William, until her fears reach a fever pitch in this episode. It’s more than a dream – it’s a Scully nightmare.

Scully works through her fears by remembering the most important truth: miracles are real and they happen every day, if only you would believe in them. Even while absent, Mulder restores Scully’s faith in this beautiful, symbolic episode that epitomizes why the MSR is the most compelling story of all.

Review our full investigation below:

Stay tuned to The K Files in 2016 as the miniseries approaches like a freight train. Hollywood Redux wishes you and yours a happy holidays and a spooky New Year!



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