Apocrypha | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 323



Apocrypha | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 323

The K Files agents head to North Dakota (which is the only place to really make something disappear in the United States according to XF lore) for an ALL NEW episode.

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Mulder and Scully continue their sprawling investigation into the Piper Maru/Apocrypha mythology case separated from each other and on different journeys as usual in their pursuit of the truth (see also: Terma/Tunguska two parter in 4th season). Cross reference an oft-expressed message of the XF: the truth Scully expresses, “Maybe we bury the dead alive.” That justice is meted out through the living through conscious. See Momento Mori, Gethsemane, Amor Fati, and All Things for more ruminations on death, plus series finale The Truth, in which Mulder reiterates the sentiment of a more realistic kind of life after death for those who are remembered by the living (also filed under A for Afterlife is Improbable and Closure).

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The final sequence in the episode is not subtle about the dead enacting justice as Scully says – it’s one of X Files’ harshest moments for a character who caused much death and pain to both Mulder and Scully: Alex Krycek. As Scully says: we bury our dead alive. Krycek has caused much death and now is trapped alive, himself. He gets out, of course. He always does, until Skinner executes him without blinking in the eighth season in a parking garage, as if it were nothing.

This episode deserves hearty kudos for its technical achievements¬† especially for the winning combination of special effects, art department, and early days visual effects. The alien spaceship took up an entire sound stage and was intended by Chris Carter to look similar to real experimental aircraft. Poor Nick Lea who played Krycek endured a hardship in the special effects-rigged black oil oozing tube arrangement – what a trooper. No one had to wear contacts on set for the black oil over the eyes look – an oily substance was filmed in water and then digitally inserted over the actors’ faces.

x files- apoc lg skaat

And in other minutiae regarding production on this ep, the actor who plays LGMan, Byers, Bruce Harwood, once trained as a professional skater, which explains his smooth moves on the ice.


Plot (Spoilers):

On August 19, 1953, a burned crewman talks to three government agents about his experience on the submarine Zeus Faber, completing the story told in the previous episode. He explains that he and other crew members were locked in with their captain, who was infected by the black oil. After being knocked out from behind, the black oil leaves the captain’s body and exits via a grate into the sea. It is revealed that Bill Mulder and the Smoking Man are two of the agents who are interviewing the crewman.

In the present, Fox Mulder and Alex Krycek return to the United States, but are run off the road by another vehicle. The assailants attempt to apprehend Krycek, but are severely injured when he emits a flashing light. The Smoking Man sees their bodies and orders their destruction. Mulder, who was knocked unconscious in the crash, awakens in the hospital. Dana Scully tells Mulder about Walter Skinner‘s condition, and says that an analysis of saliva has identified his shooter as the same person who killed her sister Melissa.

The Syndicate meets to discuss the events surrounding the Piper Maru and realize someone is leaking information. Meanwhile, Skinner tells Scully that he recognizes his shooter as the man who was with Krycek when the digital tape was stolen from him. Mulder believes that the oil found on the diving suit and Gauthier is a medium used by an alien to transfer from body to body, and that Krycek is currently occupied by it. Mulder and the Lone Gunmen use Krycek’s key to recover the tape from a locker at an ice rink, but Mulder finds the case empty. Krycek returns the tape to the Smoking Man in exchange for the location of the recovered UFO.

As Luis Cardinal is identified as Skinner’s shooter, the Syndicate admonishes the Smoking Man for moving the UFO to a new location. By rubbing a pencil over the envelope containing the tape case, Mulder finds a phone number which connects him to the Syndicate’s office. Mulder speaks to the Well-Manicured Man, who agrees to meet with him. The Well-Manicured Man tells Mulder that a UFO was sunk during World War II and that a cover story of a sunken atomic bomb was used to cover up its attempted recovery. He reveals that anyone can be gotten to, causing Mulder to ask Scully to check on Skinner.

Scully accompanies Skinner as he is being transported in an ambulance. When Cardinal attempts to break in, she tracks him down and arrests him. Cardinal tells her that Krycek is headed to an abandoned missile silo in Black Crow, North Dakota. There, the agents are captured by the Smoking Man’s men and are escorted away. Deep inside, Krycek sits atop the UFO and coughs out the black oil, which seeps into the ship. Skinner recovers and returns to work. Mulder sees Scully at Melissa’s grave, explaining that Cardinal was found dead in his cell. Meanwhile, Krycek is trapped within the silo, banging on the door in an attempt to be let out. – Wiki



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