BELIEVE THE LIE: The X-Files 201 Days Rewatch Three Part Podcast Event

KFiles - Redux event

The K-Files Presents:
Believe the Lie: A Redux Threepart Podcast Event

The K-Files returns this Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with back to back podcasts!

Agents Moeller and Lopez sneak into a top secret facility underneath the Pentagon to investigate fourth season finale Gethsemane and landmark fifth season openers Redux Part I and II as part of The X-Files 201 Days Rewatch.

These three episodes depict an important threshold crossing through which Mulder and Scully ascend to the next level of their continued journey together – and The K-Files is collecting all the evidence.

x-files - mulder aliens big

Report to the Lush Basement Office Monday for our Gethsemane feature, Tuesday for Redux, and Wednesday for Redux II.
PART I: Gethsemane Redux

Part II: Redux Redux

Part III: Redux Redux Redux

Check out the Hollywood Redux Facebook page for crime scene renderings by the agents and more info.

Catch up on old episodes of The K-Files here

Thank you to Fox for hosting the 201 Days Rewatch!

x-files - 201

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