The Calusari | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case 317

The K Files The X Files Podcast Case File 317 The Calusari

The Calusari | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case 317

Agents confront one of the oldest evils in NEW investigation into second season spooky story, The Calusari. Evil twins, Eastern rituals an exorcisms, violent deaths, resurrected chickens, and the first appearance of recurring  “King of Digital Imaging” (and one of Mulder’s only friends), Chuck Burke, contribute to an impactful early season monster of the week.

Review the full case file below:

The pink balloon of parental love leads poor little toddler, Teddy, to a very sad death which heralds several other violent deaths to come for the Holvey family. It’s a story about how pain lives in your blood and can make a monster of you.

x files - pink balloon image

The monster in question differs from most of our other monster of the week investigations in that Mulder and/or Scully do not appear to be the source of the fear/emotional question at hand. Rather, Mrs. Holvey sees her fears about past pain play out through her family. She tried to leave the invisible spirit world of her culture behind but did not take steps necessary to break away. Charlie and Michael each worry, do my parents love my brother more? Am I less than?

x files - calusari 2
These fears are ancient and let in an evil that one of The Calusari tells us, is one of the oldest and has been here before in the form of three seriously insecure figures, Cain, Lucifer, and Hitler. And that pain is so old and vast, it leads to death, always. Evil follows evil, bad luck begets more bad luck when you’re not paying attention and don’t take steps to heal past trauma. If you’re afraid but don’t face your fear with your choices, whether conscious or unconscious, evil seeps in.

x files - pink balloon
Periodically, the show will offer episodes like this, that focus less on our agents and more on the case/subject, such as Invocation (for extra credit compare the teaser sequences in Invocation and The Calusari and put your findings in the comments, below).

Mulder and Scully are by no means two dimensional in the ep, however. In fact, there is a pretty glaring message to Scully about the so-called invisible world and its ability to enact change on her, even hurt her, despite her disbelief in it. Just because you’re not open to it, doesn’t mean it won’t get you. Oh boy does she need to learn that at this point, but won’t until much later in the show. Plus our agents both have excellent hair and look so young and dewy, they could be co-eds.

x files - calusari 1

In the Phile cabinet, we can cross reference this episode with other brother stories like Je Souhaite, and more evil twins in Fight Club.

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