Chinga | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 331

The X Files Podcast Chinga The K Files Episode 331

Chinga | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 331

The K Files takes a Stephen King vacation to Maine for Halloween Redux with a NEW investigation into Chinga. We’re investigating the scariest, goriest, most skin-shower-iest episodes of The X Files in honor of the season, and Scully’s venture into the special world of prolific scary story writer Stephen King is bloody enough to make Mulder betray his cool exterior (if he weren’t riding the bench on the case). From the eye clawing (and impaling) to the milkshake machine scalping sequence: this episode is like a Halloween haunted house, where one horror leads only to another until our Scully does the sensible thing and chucks the demon doll causing the ruckus in the microwave.


BOOM. Another flawless victory over bad juju by Dana Katherine, patron saint of taking no shit. Filed under Scully Saves the Day (The Blessing Way, Demons, so many others), also under S for Separate Ways, episodes in which Mulder and Scully investigate a case alone or separately via long distance (Never Again, Chimera), and of course we have to place little Polly among the pantheon of X Files creepy kids. She stands angrily scowling alongside evil clone girls, Cindy and Teena, and the slew of blank-eyed little boys (Herrenvolk, The Calusari, Invocation). These have been noted in the case file, below.

Join the investigation:

Plot (Spoilers):

In the coastal town of Amma Beach, Maine, five-year-old Polly Turner and her antique doll, Chinga, accompany her mother, Melissa, as she goes to a local grocery store. Melissa attracts the attention of the store’s butcher, Dave. Moments later, Melissa sees a ghostly image of Dave with a knife protruding from one eye. Horrified, Melissa tries to leave the store with Polly. However, as they make their way towards the store’s exit, customers begin clawing at their eyes. Meanwhile, Dave, after seeing a monstrous reflection of Chinga, is compelled by an outside force to turn his knife on himself.

Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) is coincidentally in the area, taking a vacation in Maine. After stumbling upon the carnage in the grocery store, Scully telephones Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and describes the bizarre situation. Mulder tells Scully that the incident might be the result of witchcraft or sorcery. Scully, however, can find no physical evidence that might support his theory. Assisted by the local police, Scully reviews the store’s surveillance footage and notices Melissa Turner leaving the scene, the only customer unaffected. Jack Bonsaint, the police chief, tells Scully that some townspeople believe Melissa to be a witch. Deputy Buddy Riggs informs Melissa that Bonsaint will be questioning her. Riggs promises to help Melissa, but she warns him to stay away.

Bonsaint and Scully visit Melissa’s home, but find it unoccupied. Bonsaint tells Scully that Melissa was once married to a local fisherman, but was widowed when he was inexplicably found dead aboard his fishing boat, the hook on his winch driven through his skull. Later, it is revealed that he found Chinga in a lobster trap and gave it to Polly as a present shortly before he died. Bonsaint also explains that there had been an incident between Polly and Jane Froelich, the proprietor of a local daycare center, when Jane slapped Polly over her behavior. Meanwhile, Riggs meets Melissa and Polly at an ice cream shop. Melissa describes how she has seen images of violent deaths, such as Dave’s, before they occur. Riggs gives Melissa the key to a remote cabin and suggests that she leave town. When Polly asks one of the workers for more cherries, the worker insists that she needs to pay for them. Just then, the worker is nearly killed when her hair gets caught in the mixer until Riggs saves her.

Scully and Bonsaint visit Froelich, who claims Melissa is the descendant of witches and that she is passing her cursed lineage to Polly. Later, while speaking with a park ranger, Melissa sees a bloody image of Froelich and she quickly turns around to head home. Meanwhile, Froelich is confronted by the enlarged Chinga and is forced to slit her own throat with the shard of a phonograph record. At the scene, Scully receives a phone call from Mulder who (in a twist of character) believes that there might be a scientific explanation to the people at the grocery store – chorea, otherwise known as “dancing sickness”; Scully, however, remains doubtful. After Melissa sees a vision of Riggs, the deputy is forced to bludgeon himself to death with his own night stick. Finally, Melissa sees a bloodied reflection of herself in a window, a hammer buried in her skull. She proceeds to burn the house down in an attempt to destroy the doll. Polly arrives in the kitchen with Chinga, who somehow manages to extinguish the lit matches that Melissa strikes.

Scully and Bonsaint drive to the Turner home. Scully, peering through the windows, discovers Melissa attempting to set fire to the house, with her, her daughter and Chinga all trapped inside. Bonsaint breaks down the nailed door as Melissa runs to a closet and grabs hold of a hammer which she, against her will, turns upon herself. Thinking quickly, Scully grabs the Chinga doll and throws it inside a microwave oven in the kitchen. As the doll melts, Melissa drops the hammer and regains her senses. Returning to the office on Monday, Scully downplays any excitement or involvement regarding the case, insisting that she was only relaxing on her vacation. In the final scene, a fisherman is seen pulling up a lobster trap, and in it is the burned doll, which comes back to life. – Wiki

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