Demons | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 337

The X Files Podcast Demon KFiles episode 337

Demons | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 337

In NEW investigation, The K Files agents follow Fox down a drug-fueled, face drilling rabbit hole in Mulder family story hour, Demons.

In between the death sentence Scully receives in Elegy and the world ending events of the fourth season finale is a little episode written by series executive producer and director, RW Goodwin. Demons stands out even as it bridges: It’s a deeply personal Mulder story set against the backdrop of Scully’s illness and features some deeply affecting, visually striking memory/dream sequences.

These scenes mesmerize even today, due in large part to Kim Manners’ flawless execution and the surreal look and feel of the vivid flashbacks Mulder experiences. The sequence’s colors were altered when the film was developed: the negatives were hit with strobe lights to create the experience.

We send out extra love to our favorite FBI agent with the distinguished profile, David Duchovny, in this investigation – the episode hinges on his performance and the audience’s appetite for staring into his dreamy eyes. Open the case file below:

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Did you catch our homage to the Skin Man last week? Open the case file.



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