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The X Files Podcast Die Hand Die Verletzt The K Filesepisode 332

Die Hand Die Verletzt | K Files | Best X Files Podcast

The title is German for “the hand that wounds,” and indeed the one whose hand does all the wounding in this episode is one of the scariest monsters in all of X Files-dom. An appropriate investigation for our double helping of Halloween Redux and The K Files this October season.


Leave it to Morgan and Wong to tell a story about a community of lapsed parishioners…who happen to be lapsed from the church of Satan. While on the surface that idea sounds like the usual subversive, dark comedy waters these two writers are swimming in, there are some terrifyingly serious elements – a harrowing tale of shocking sexual abuse (that turns out to be fake, but still), a young girl’s suicide, the deaths of the apostates. When confronted with evidence that their deity has come for a reaping – the school faculty members are mostly worried about how it could impact their secular lives, several being either scared or annoyed at the prospect of having to fo through the steps of being devout.

This was the last episode written by Morgan and Wong before they left to create Space: Above and Beyond. Hence the message: “Goodbye. It’s been nice working with you”

Open the file for our full findings on Die Hand:

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Die Hand Die Verletzt | The K-Files | An X-Files Podcast

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