DPO | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case 318

E318 The K Files X Files Podcast DPO

DPO | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case 318

The K Files returns with an investigation into third season “Lightning Boy” episode, DPO, featuring exciting performances from then baby-faced, now old and famous, Giovanni Ribisi and Jack Black, and a dynamic writing/directing team-up between Kim Manners and Howard Gordon. Historically, the story goes that the original concept for this ep came from a card with the words “Lightning Boy” on it, tacked to the wall of Chris Carter’s office in the first season.

Open the video podcast case file below for the full findings:


DPO belongs to a pantheon of X Files monsters who do not believe their gifts are gifts, and in so doing, they negate the power to transform and become destroyers instead (see Milagro, Goldberg Variation, Small Potatoes, etc). Oswald has been given something extraordinary, but does not prove worthy – though he claims to seek love via the character of Mrs. Kaveat, he’s only after some crude form of attention (he looks up her skirt, talks about seeing through her dress, etc). Filed under U for Unworthy Offerings (see also Milagro, Pusher)¬†and L for Luck (The Goldberg Variation).

The X Files is clear on this point: there is a natural balance that’s kept, invisibly, and you cannot overcome it, even with all the force of lightning. And, when you destroy, ultimately, you’re the one who burns. This episode is also notable for some complicated practical lightning effects: a “lightning machine,” was created by the team for the sequence where Ribisi’s character is struck by lightning.

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