Eve | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 106

The K Files meets X Files

Eve | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 106

The K Files returns with special guest Chrissy Dodson to investigate their first experiences with The X-Files beginning with “Eve”.


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“Eve” is the eleventh episode of the first season of the American science fiction television series The X-Files. It premiered on the Fox network on December 10, 1993. It was written by Kenneth Biller and Chris Brancato, directed by Fred Gerber, and featured guest appearances by Harriet Sansom Harris and Jerry Hardin in his role as Deep Throat. The episode is a “Monster-of-the-Week” story, unconnected to the series’ wider mythology. “Eve” earned a Nielsen household rating of 6.8, being watched by 6.4 million households in its initial broadcast; and received positive reviews from critics.

The show centers on FBI special agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) who work on cases linked to the paranormal, called X-Files. When Mulder and Scully investigate two seemingly identical murders that occurred simultaneously thousands of miles apart, they find that both victims’ daughters may be the product of a secret human cloning project created by the government.

The episode was pitched to series creator Chris Carter by freelance writers Biller and Brancato under the title of “The Girls from Greenwich”, with the focus being on genetic experiments conducted on sets of twins. The producers initially looked for twins to play the roles of Teena and Cindy in Los Angeles, but child labor laws made using children from there so difficult that they instead searched locally in Vancouver, finding Erika and Sabrina Krievins.


In Greenwich, Connecticut, a jogging couple find a girl, Teena Simmons, standing alone. Nearby, they find her father sitting dead on a swing set with two incisions in his neck.

Fox Mulder takes the case and reviews it with Dana Scully, believing the death is an example of extraterrestrial cattle mutilation on a human being. When Mulder and Scully travel to Connecticut and interview Teena, she claims to have seen “red lightning” when her father died and that “men from the clouds” had wanted to exsanguinate him. Afterwards, the agents travel to Marin County, California and visit the Reardon residence, the scene of a similar murder. They realize that despite the distance between the killings, they were committed on the same day and at the same moment. Meanwhile, back in Connecticut, Teena is kidnapped by a dark-clothed figure.

When Mulder and Scully meet the Reardons, they discover that their daughter, Cindy, is identical to Teena. Cindy’s mother tells the agents that she was conceived via in vitro fertilization at a fertility clinic in San Francisco. There, Scully learns that both the Simmons and the Reardons were treated by a woman named Dr. Sally Kendrick, who was fired for conducting eugenics experiments with ova from the clinic’s lab. Meanwhile, Mulder is contacted by Deep Throat, who details a Cold War-era supersoldier program that produced genetically modified children—identified as “Adam” or “Eve” based on their genders. Deep Throat tells Mulder of a woman connected with the project who is currently kept in a mental hospital.

The agents travel to the hospital and meet “Eve 6”, who tells them that the clones created in the project had extra chromosomes which led them to display superhuman intelligence and strength, as well as homicidal psychoses. The last three clones, Eves 6, 7 and 8, were institutionalized after the project was cancelled. However, Eve 7 escaped, joined the fertility clinic as “Sally Kendrick”, and modified the ova of the clinic’s patients to create new Eve clones. Eve 8, who also escaped, is still at large.

Mulder and Scully are unable to prevent one of the escaped Eves from abducting Cindy. The Eve takes Cindy to a motel where Teena is already being held captive, and introduces the two girls to each other. The woman reveals herself to be Eve 7, who explains how she had created them to improve upon the project’s flaws, only to learn about the girl’s “accelerated development” when they murdered their fathers. The girls, in turn, poison Eve 7’s drink with a fatal dose of foxglove. When Mulder and Scully arrive at the motel, the girls falsely claim that both Eve 7 and Eve 8 were trying to goad them into a mass suicide. The agents decide to take the girls with them as they leave the scene.

That night, when the group arrives at a roadside truck stop, one of the girls sneaks out and poisons the sodas the agents ordered. Mulder realizes the girls’ plan and manages to keep Scully from drinking her soda. The agents then pursue the girls through the truck stop, with Mulder eventually capturing them. Teena and Cindy, now known as “Eve 9” and “Eve 10,” end up sharing the psychiatric ward with Eve 6 in the mental hospital. Eventually, a woman wearing a lab coat—identified as Eve 8—comes to the ward. When Eve 8 asks the girls how they knew she would come for them, the girls each respond, “We just knew.”

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Eve | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 106

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