‘HOME POTATOES’ Investigation of Small Potatoes and Home | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 310

E310 The K Files Small Potatoes Home

‘HOME POTATOES’ Investigation of Small Potatoes and Home | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 310


The K Files agents return to the field to explore unseen truths in fourth season episode pairing, Small Potatoes and Home.

Open the case file:

The two episodes, written by Vince Gilligan and Glen Morgan & James Wong, respectively, feature a vastly unexplored chapter of the MSR during which both Mulder and Scully are pushing together and pulling apart inside and out.

It’s a time before the specter of Scully’s cancer, but after her abduction. She’s committed to Mulder’s quest and shares his passion for investigating cases for her own reasons, yet she does not fully trust him yet, or know him as fully as she comes to in the post-cancer era. She is still getting used to his sense of humor and irreverence. In Home, Mulder’s perception of Scully changes after they talk about themselves on the baseball field, to where he conceives of her as more of a whole person, rather than just Scully, his partner. For both characters, but especially for Mulder, Small Potatoes illuminates how easily they could be in a romantic relationship at this stage in the story, if someone would just consider it.

But it’s not time yet! More work to do in the Files and in their hearts. It’s a fun time in the shared journey and even more illuminating when viewed through the additional lens of the miniseries episode written by¬† Morgan/Wong, Home Again, in which the Trash monster once again holds up a horror-filled mirror to M and S about their own inability to change/heal old pain.

Peruse the case file above, and then comment below if you found our investigation enlightening. The K Files agents will continue to shine our flashlight beams deep into previous episodes to dig up new evidence. Stay tuned!

*Edited 5-10-16 – Agents realized Darin Morgan was IN the episode and it was of course written by the imitable Vince Gilligan.

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