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On this week’s episode of The K Files, agents Moeller and Lopez revisit the original X Files Morgan and Wong mother of all monsters in fourth season horror story, Home.

Turns out you can go Home again, but you probably don’t want to…

Open the file below:


About the Episode

From the messed up minds of Glen Morgan and James Wong, this episode is expansive for the show and the characters. The subject matter, shocking even by today’s standards (Black Mirror, eat your heart out), explores through the monstrous Peacock family the nuances of backward or misguided thinking.

Failure to go forward for an organism leads to decay, deformity, and ultimately according to these crazy writers, violent death. In this way, Mother Peacock seems to be the inspiration for a host of current characters, including Marguerite Baker from the new Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. (Check out our Twitch gameplay)

Both this episode and its followup from Morgan and Wong in season 10, Home Again, consider the most marginalized – sick babies/poison mothers and the homeless, and how avoiding dealing with what caused these to occur will only lead to violent death. It’s quite a parable, but there are more layers to be investigated.

Case in point: The many dialogue gems from Danacakes and Le Renard. Most exciting for “shippers” is the top notch dialogue in scenes like the sweet conversation at the baseball diamond provides a much desired window into the complex state of the MSR in this era.

The K Files Home The X Files Podcast Mulder Scully MSR
During this period on the show, both Mulder and Scully are pushing together and pulling apart inside and out, like two black holes caught in each other’s gravity.

It’s a time before the specter of Scully’s cancer, but after her abduction. She’s committed to Mulder’s quest and shares his passion for investigating cases for her own reasons, yet she does not completely trust him yet, or know him as fully as she comes to in the post-cancer era.

She is still getting used to his dry/unique/often very blue sense of humor and flippant attitude. I love how she looks at him when he makes the joke at the pigpen. Just wait, Dr. Scully, one day you’ll find that’s the only sense of humor that makes you giggle.

The K Files Home The X Files Scully Gilian Anderson
Mulder’s perception of Scully changes after they talk about themselves on the baseball field, to where he conceives of her as more of a whole person, rather than just Scully, his partner.

The arc of the season forwards Mulder’s obliviousness from Small Potatoes to this moment, and then onward to facing the specter of Scully’s cancer in Momento Mori, where they are the most open with each other yet.


In the small town of Home, Pennsylvania, a woman gives birth to a deformed baby. Three similarly-deformed men bury it near their dilapidated house during a rainstorm. Mulder and Scully are sent to investigate after the corpse is found by children during a sandlot ball game.

While talking to Home’s sheriff Andy Taylor, Mulder asks whether the Peacock brothers—the inhabitants of the house nearest to the crime scene—have been questioned about the baby. Taylor informs him that the house dates back to the American Civil War and is without electricity, running water, or heat.

He insinuates that the family has been inbreeding since the war. The three Peacock brothers watch the agents from their front porch.

During an autopsy, the agents discover that the baby suffocated by inhaling dirt—meaning it was buried alive. Scully suggests that the baby’s defects could have been caused by inbreeding. Mulder insists this would be impossible, since the Peacocks seem to live in an all-male household.

Suspecting that the Peacocks have kidnapped and raped a woman, Mulder and Scully investigate their now-abandoned residence and discover blood, scissors, and a shovel on a table.

Arrest warrants are issued for the three brothers. In retaliation, the Peacocks break into Sheriff Taylor’s house during the night and murder him and his wife.

Laboratory tests indicate the baby’s parents were members of the Peacock family. When forensic evidence links the Peacocks to the Taylor murders, the agents and Deputy Barney Paster go to arrest the brothers.

When Paster breaks down the front door of their residence, he is decapitated by a booby trap. Mulder and Scully release the Peacocks’ pigs to lure them out of the house before searching it.

The agents find a quadruple amputee hidden under a bed. She is revealed to be Mrs. Peacock, the mother of the boys, who has been breeding with them for years. The brothers realize Mulder and Scully are inside their house and attack.

The two youngest sons withstand several gunshots before dying, one of them impaled on another booby trap. Afterwards, the agents discover that Mrs. Peacock and her eldest son have escaped in their car, planning to start a new family elsewhere.

The K Files Home The X Files Podcast Mulder Scully
Hoo boy. It’s a doozy, watch it on a sassy Blu Ray box set or Netflix and let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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The Truth is Already Here.

The K Files Home The X Files Podcast Mulder

Investigate all the evidence accrued by our agents on Home! Check out this previous episode of the show where we compared Home with schmooptastic fourth season ep Small Potatoes, which features another Morgan brother in front of the camera. Click here.

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