Investigation of Fire | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 311


Investigation of Fire | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 311

We’re following the signs marked ‘back to the beginning’ on the X Files and touring key moments in the story of the characters now on The K Files. Our first destination: season one special effects achievement, ‘Fire.’ Watch ourĀ  video podcast or listen below!


The K Files travels back in time to Mulder’s college days at Oxford, before he was the most gifted profiler that ever went to Quantico, when he was just a lovesick coed dreading fire yet yearning for it. It’s a different Mulder than we’ve seen before or since, a Mulder who lets fear stop him from doing his job. Sort of, technically he should have just let the firemen do their job and not run into a burning hallway that first time, but he learns what is needed – namely that if he must only walk through fire for a worthy cause, and not follow the false light of Phoebe.

Scully has always been territorial about the X Files. It reads to many viewers on the surface as jealousy, which is no doubt in the mix, but really, she’s selected Mulder and the X Files for her life’s work at this point. Even if she doesn’t consciously know it yet, she’s on the train with Mulder for better or worse, and so anything that slows their mission down is not Scully’s friend. She also at this point thought she knew everything, before she was abducted, before the events of Erlenmeyer Flask even (when Deep Throat is assassinated) – Scully was certain she knew it all, that science was just waiting to explain these only seemingly mystical phenomena.

It’s a fun time for both characters, and a fleeting one. They are young here, and the end of the first season ages them away from these more youthful glimmers in the mirror of who they were before The X Files. More first season fun continues next week with a visit from the dead of Scully’s romantic past in LAZARUS!



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