Je Souhaite for More Episodes of The X Files | The K Files | The X Files Podcast Case File 308

E308 Je Souhaite The X-Files Season 7 Episode 21

Je Souhaite for More Episodes of The X Files | The K Files | The X Files Podcast Case File 308

We are wearing proverbial black this week at The K Files – mourning the loss of the miniseries with no new episode to discuss. So, we started the healing process with one of the most care-free, feel-good episodes in all of canon: Je Souhaite.

This Vince Gilligan ep is underrated as a serious story due to its light tone and whimsical monster. In miniseries terms this episode’s antagonist is a Were-Monster and not the Band-Aid Nose Man: the story is a comedy, not a tragedy (only wrong-headed people die, and only because they made bad choices). However, the light tone belies weighty progress for the main characters, particularly Mulder.

We discuss the evidence we have that at this point in the series Mulder and Scully have progressed in their emotional journeys to find balance in a romantic relationship, and Scully quietly hints at how well it’s going – “I’m happy.” We do not learn what Mulder wished for, but we see that what he wants is simply to watch one of his favorite, feel-good movies with Scully, and he realizes that he’s happy, too, because he has that in the present.

Monster of the week episodes signify on the show dreams, which answer questions the characters are asking about themselves. This episode answers a number of big questions, such as how do I get the things I want in life? And what are the things that will last, that are real? And the big one, how do I live forever? The answers are all in the episode, but for Mulder, the last one has special significance.

Mulder’s dream is the third act of the show, when he inherits the Jinn. He learns from the Jinn, finally, distinguishing himself from the Stokes brothers, who have little to no consciousness, and realizes that he can’t change the world, but he can make Scully happy, and actually perhaps immortality lies in one’s family, in progeny. Scully completes that circle by acknowledging it openly, and even the costume designer is trying to tell us they’ve reconciled the duality – Scully wears white and Mulder wears black in the final scene. A to B to C, we get William, or how Mulder can live forever, through a family line.

It’s an old message that you can also see expressed in an epic that’s widely considered the first great work of fiction, called Gilgamesh, from ancient Sumeria. We prefer Mulder to a Sumerian demigod, for a lot of reasons [hair, red speedo], and the X Files is infinitely weirder, but it’s cool that ancient Sumerians were trying to help people remember their dreams in the same way as Vince Gilligan in this episode.

Stay tuned to The K Files – we promise to keep the X fires burning until the show miraculously returns again to screens. For more on this chapter in the MSR, be sure to review our podcast investigation into that shiptastic story.

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